Courtney Love Calls Out Lily James For Outrageous Pamela Anderson Role

Courtney Love is furious!

Courtney Love lashes out against Lily James for playing the role of Pamela Anderson in upcoming controversial series

56-year-old musician and widow of late Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, has vehemently criticized Lily James for her titular role in upcoming Hulu miniseries about ‘Baywatch’ star and Love’s long-time friend Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee.


Courtney Love took to social media on Sunday to call out the star for her role in the new series to be titled ‘Pam and Tommy’, terming it as ‘vile’ and also shaming the 32-year-old British actress.


‘I find this so f******g outrageous’ wrote the Hole frontwoman on Facebook. She also shared a picture of a newspaper clipping of ‘Downton Abbey’ star Lily dressed up as Pam. Courtney Love also opened up about the infamous private tape of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee which was leaked back in the day and also has been used as the main plotline for the series. The tape was stolen from the newly-wed couple and leaked causing a huge scandal and earning suggestive remarks from male music industry professionals.


“And the lone women in many recording studios in LA. Where all / ALL! The staff engineers / producers / owners / were watching the s** tape with huge schadenfreude… guffaws,” wrote Courtney Love. “It was disgusting. I banned anyone from discussing it,” she added.

The Hole star shows compassion for Anderson and shames Lily James

Courtney Love also revealed how the leaking of the intimate tape traumatized Pamela Anderson for years to come and “destroyed her friend’s life’.

“My heart goes out to Pammy further causing her complex trauma,” she added.

She criticized Lily James harshly, however, excluded saying anything about her co-star, Sebastian Stan, who plays Tommy. “Shame on Lily James, whoever the f*** she is,” wrote Love.

However, she deleted the post saying that she was “going to absent my life from social media presently so that I can focus on my work”.

Pamela Anderson’s thoughts on the new series

According to The Sun, Pamela Anderson was herself not impressed with the upcoming series starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan and directed by Seth Rogen. “Pamela has no intention of watching this Godawful show, absolutely not. Never,” a source told the British tabloid. “She’s never heard of the actors playing her or Tommy and doesn’t care to know them. She and her family think the show is a cheap knockoff. The whole thing is a joke to them,” they added.


Courtney Love’s outrage against Lily James comes from a place of concern towards her friend Pamela Anderson and hopefully those involved in this entire fiasco can eventually move past this.

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