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Crowned Twenty Years Ago, Priyanka Chopra Reminisces Her Miss World Days

The multi-talented international icon Priyanka Chopra Jonas took to Instagram to celebrate 20 years of basically becoming one of the most influential female figures in today’s times. And it all started two decades ago when she won the coveted Miss World Pageant’s 50th edition. 

It was the turn of the millennium, as she pointed out in the Instagram post and things were turning around a good three hundred and sixty degrees for Priyanka Chopra too. And maybe she didn’t envisage it then, but looking back, we can easily see the makings of a superstar. 

It was a humble beginning! 

Priyanka Chopra Jonas hails from the city of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. A pop-culture phenom is the last thing you will expect from this city. Born to physicians working in the army, Priyanka shot to the scene early at the age of just eighteen. And although she had aspirations to pursue Aeronautical Engineering, her Miss world win meant she would be flustered with acting jobs with A-list actors. And when the Indian film industry comes calling, young people are generally enthusiastically interested. 

But she was always a class apart! 

Even at an early age, she gave us glimpses of how she was not the normal middle town girl who shot to fame. She carried a swagger that generally was always associated with the leading men, and not the ladies. And as we saw, she went on to be one of the highest paid actors, a vocal inter-sectional feminist and a philanthropist with the UNICEF. Obviously, you can add to the list that her husband is a Class-A Hottie.

Looking back, There are no regrets for Peecee

Having always voiced what she felt was right and not backing down from any big fight, has been a highlight of her public life. She is an international star who has two super amazing dogs, a loving husband and a supportive family. One of the lows of her lives has been losing her father and she still holds him near. 

And as we look back at 20 years of Priyanka Chopra, nobody can really feel anything but love and prosperity for this strong individual who has paved the way for millions to follow! 

Cover Photo Source: Image 1 & Image 2 (Instagram)