Daisy Ridley Talks About Impact Of Stars Wars And Why She Left Social Media

“OK, who am I after this?”

Daisy Ridley opened up about the impact that Star Wars had on her career as an actress and what led to her staying away from social media.

After the end of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, with its last instalment “Return of Skywalker”, Daisy Ridley had to focus on an acting career without the assurance of being in a big franchise like Star Wars.

The harsh criticism that the sequel trilogy had received, and with the beginning of the pandemic last year, Daisy Ridley decided to take things slow.

“I think because January was such a shift and I’d had my whole adult life with Star Wars, it was like ‘OK, who am I after this?’,” she told Herald Sun.

“I think because I’d already been having that sort of life questioning it didn’t become so much of that. I think the biggest taking stock was being a self-employed person come March.”

However, Daisy Ridley is back in the acting game and will step out of her Star Wars shadow, with her upcoming sci-fi flick, Chaos Walking. She stars in the movie alongside her co-star, Tom Holland.

Why did Daisy Ridley go off of her social media?

Daisy Ridley addressed that her decision to go offline with her life and quit social media does not have anything to do with her being insecure about the criticisms of Star Wars sequel trilogy.

Daisy left social media for a very simple and ordinary reason, she just wasn’t good at it.

“It was made out to be something that it wasn’t really,” she says. “I just thought ‘you know what? This isn’t for me’. Some people do it really well – people who are super smart and have a lot to say – and I just don’t really have that much to say … ‘Hey, I made my banana bread’.

“I feel like the pressure is off because there is a thing of trying to look a certain way, and what people on social media are showing themselves to be and what they actually are, and I found that very difficult. John does it amazingly well – he uses his platform in such a wonderful way. But it’s just not for me,” she added.

Daisy Ridley is down to make a come-back as Rey Skywalker

While the sequels were horrible, it can be admitted that the character of Rey Skywalker and her empowering journey depicted through the trilogy, is definitely one to remember.

As per GameSpot, Daisy Ridley is down to make a comeback via a Luke Skywalker-style cameo in the Star Wars franchise.

The Chaos Walking star stated that “I mean, never say never. I’m always open to a revisit. But also the beautiful thing is it’s this wonderful, huge universe with all of these stories that have yet to be told. I think there’s a lot of cool things to be made before any potential revisit.”

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