Dakota Johnson’s Interview On The Ellen DeGeneres Show Has Aged Like A Fine Wine

“Gosh, this isn’t going well.”

Dakota Johnson’s interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show has aged wonderfully and now fans are celebrating the awkward interview’s one year anniversary and cherishing the moments of their passive-aggressiveness on Twitter.

What is so special about Dakota Johnson’s interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show?

Dakota Johnson’s interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show took place last year in November, where Dakota came to talk about her indie film, “The Peanut Butter Falcon”, but as all interviews usually begin with the interviewer catching up with the celebrity on the latest events of their lives, so did this viral interview on the controversial talk show. Ellen’s first question to Dakota Johnson was about her Birthday, as Dakota had turned 30-years-old on October 4th (now 31) and then asked her about how did her party turn out, but before letting her answer that, Ellen passively fired shots at Dakota as to why she did not invite the talk show host to the party. But Ellen tried to get at the wrong start, as Dakota fact-checked her by saying the viral statement- “Actually no, that’s not the truth, Ellen” and added that she did in fact invite her to the party. This made fans revere Dakota Johnson’s interview as the one which ended Ellen’s career.

But Ellen refuted the statement after which Dakota told her to “ask everybody” on the show’s set and even pointed the show’s producers to confirm her statement, to which they say yes and then Ellen was left speechless which left viewers cringing at the uncomfortable interview. Then Ellen decided to take back her claims and said: “No, I think I do remember I was invited, thank you.”

If that wasn’t enough, there is yet another awkward moment when Ellen asks Dakota about what did the stand-up comedian, Tig Notaro, do at the party, to which Dakota replied “a bunch of funny stuff” but when Ellen agreed that yeah “she’s hilarious”, Johnson passively fired yet another shot on the Ellen DeGeneres Show by saying: “She’s my favourite comedian” which did hit Ellen right in her heart and left the audience feeling pity for her, after which Dakota got up and acted as she was leaving the show and it’s decimated host by saying “bye”.

Check out the infamous interview below-

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