Danny Masterson’s ‘Not Guilty’ Plead To Rape Charges In Recent Court Hearing

New proceedings on the Danny Masterson rape charges, actor pleads ‘not guilty’!

Danny Masterson’s Recent Court Hearing

Danny Masterson, star of the 90’s sitcom ‘That 70’s Show’ has pleaded ‘not guilty’ to rape charges that surfaced against him, at a downtown Los Angeles criminal court.

However, the 44-year-old, “That 70’s Show” actor didn’t appear at the LA Superior Court where he was initially accused.


The reason for Danny Masterson’s skip is the special COVID-19 restriction that allows defendants to not appear in prison. However, under normal circumstances, this would not have been possible.

Danny Masterson’s lawyer, Tom Mesereau who was present in the court answered ‘Yes, your honor’ when Judge Sergio Tapia asked if his client pleaded “not guilty” to the rape charges that were made against him.


The current situation of Danny Masterson’s court case

In Mesereau’s words, ““Obviously, Mr. Masterson and his wife are in complete shock considering that these nearly 20-year old allegations are suddenly resulting in charges being filed, but they and their family are comforted knowing that ultimately the truth will come out. The people who know Mr. Masterson know his character and know the allegations to be false.”

The defense attorney also said in a statement to Hollywood Reporter, “We’re confident that he will be exonerated when all the evidence finally comes to light and witnesses have the opportunity to testify.”


Tom Mesereau also requested the judge to ban press coverage of the hearing, with the argument that Danny Masterson would not get a fair trial because a jury could be ‘tainted’ by publicity about the case, according to The Daily Mail. However, this request was turned down by the judge and reporters covered the entire hearing. Danny Masterson is out on a $3.3 million bail, and will have to appear for another court hearing that is scheduled later this year, on March 24. If he is convicted and the charges against him are proven to be true, he can face up to 45 years in prison.

The charges against Danny Masterson


Danny Masterson was accused of assaulting three women in three different incidents at his Hollywood Hills home between the years of 2001 and 2003. He was arrested in June 2020 on accounts of these rape charges according to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. According to reports, he assaulted a 23-year-old woman between January and December 2001, a 28-year-old woman in April 2003 and another 23-year-old woman between October and December 2003. He was also accused of assault in two other cases but the DA’s office refused to file charges on those on the count of insufficient evidence for one and the statute of limitations for the other, according to The Daily Mail.

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