Dax Shepard Opens Up About His Relapse After 16 Years Of Sobriety

He revealed he was struggling with opioid addiction until recently

Dax Shepard has always been open about his struggle with addiction and sobriety. The recent episode of his podcast Armchair Expert was no different.

The episode released on Friday and saw Dax Shepard talk about a relapse after 16 years of sobriety. His issues with painkillers started six months ago after a hand and shoulder injury. Instead of getting a prescription from a doctor, the father of two began purchasing painkillers himself and started to self-medicate.

“I was taking, you know, eight 30s a day, and I know that’s an amount that’s going to result in a pretty bad withdrawal,” Shepard said. “And I start getting really scared, and I’m starting to feel really lonely. And I just have this enormous secret.”

The actor added how he tried to control his intake but it was to no avail. He then came clean about his relapse to his wife Kristen Bell and handed over all the pills to her.

And ever since, Dax Shepard is back on his sobriety journey. In the episode, which was recorded on September 21, Shepard revealed he had been seven days sober.

Announcing the episode promo on Instagram, he wrote: “An episode I hoped I’d never have to record, but one I felt I owed to all the beautiful Armcheries who have been on this ride with me for the last couple years.”

Kristen Bell recently celebrated husband Dax Shepard’s sobriety birthday

Early last month, actress Kristen Bell and her daughters celebrated Dax Shepard’s sobriety birthday. It was his 16th year sober and Bell was filled with pride.

On the same day, Shepard went to an AA meeting and was overwhelmed to receive so much “kindness” and “unconditional love”, he said on his podcast. “It was very emotional. It was a really surreal kind of experience.”

“When it was over, I actually, mentally — for the first time in a very long time — felt optimistic,” he shared. “Because for the last — a long time — I’ve known intellectually that things were going to get worse, that each encounter with it has gotten more shady and more dangerous. And I recognize that the next go-round would be ‘Oh, I can’t get pills, let’s snort heroin.'”

Dax Shepard also reflected on his biggest takeaway from more than a decade of sobriety.

“The huge gift that the 16 years did give me was, I used to be able to gaslight people daily, and it didn’t bother me,” he said. “And I’ve had a good 15 1/2 years, or maybe more, of maybe not gaslighting people, and I just don’t have that tolerance for it.”

Catch the full episode here.

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