Demi Lovato Dancing With The Devil Review- A Hard-Hitting Narration Of Living With Addiction

Not everyone is brave enough to bare it all like Demi Lovato

On 24th July 2018, the world was plunged into shock. It was everywhere– Demi Lovato had overdosed. But all we knew was she was using drugs and had OD’ed on the same. She was on the brink of death but life gave her another chance- she survived to tell the true, candid reality of how and why she got hooked to drugs and what really happened on the night before she was found unresponsive in her room. Some would point out that drug addiction is a widespread plague wherein many OD every year and live to see another day, but the truth is, no one is brave enough to bare it all like the celebrated singer does in the recently released docu-series, Demi Lovato Dancing With The Devil. 

Over four episodes, two of which have been released on Youtube, Demi Lovato Dancing With The Devil, gives us a detailed peek into Demi Lovato’s life, particularly the part which has been heavily influenced by her usage of drugs, then her forced sobriety, and subsequent relapse. But more than that it focuses on what led her to where she ended up being. Her friends, family, business partners, her doctor who treated her in 2018, and her employees talk about her usage of drugs from a young age, how the severe controlling she was subjected to only served to make her miserable, and how it contributed to her relapse. 

We also get a sense that Demi Lovato didn’t have a rosy childhood, contrary to what we know. While she was a child star and model, those were roles she was thrust into, forced to face the cruel beauty standards of the industry from a young age. A young Demi, already scarred by a childhood where she saw her mother being a domestic abuse victim, was already battling the guilt of not helping her estranged father who also was an addict and died without anybody noticing for over a week. Adding to this personal trauma was the unnecessary pressure of excelling and living up to the insane and impossible beauty principles of the fashion, acting, and then singing industry. 

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Though it is not explicitly specified, we get the sense that Demi Lovato’s mother wasn’t exactly a caring parent and the best example to follow. She was into substance abuse too and was obviously the one to push Demi into beauty pageants at a young age, not realizing the damaging effect they had on her psyche. 

An adult Demi Lovato was already severely traumatized by the life she led and another victim of the stigma that surrounds those living with depression. Along with that, her sobriety of 6 years was less about her wanting it and more about those in her life wanting her to project a certain image. Thus, when she relapsed, it all came back- her addiction, her depression, her eating disorder but no one noticed as this time, she kept it hidden. 

While we have two more episodes to go, Demi Lovato Dancing With The Devil has already shared the best part– why Demi Lovato finally decided to give up on her life of addiction. For anyone who is busy guessing that what could be a bigger reason than almost dying needs to watch the docu-series to find out what really triggered her astonishing transformation. It is the reason that drives in the point of the series- that despite all the fame and money celebs have, at the end of the day, they are still humans. 

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