Did Zac Efron Really Get A Plastic Surgery Done After His Recent Breakup?

His look has left us asking questions.

Zac Efron seems to have left his fans puzzled – asking if it is really a plastic surgery on his face?

Zac Efron recently split with his Australian girlfriend, Vanessa Valladares after less than a year being together. But has the star taken to plastic surgery for a new look?

As he appears to be moving on, the Down to Earth host celebrated Earth Day this week by making a cameo in Earth Day! The Musical, a video that dropped on Facebook Watch on Wednesday, April 21. However, something more than his chat with Bill Nye The Science Guy has caught the internet’s attention.

With his sculpted appearance, and specially plump jaws and lips it seemed like Zac Efron underwent a plastic surgery.

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Many fans expressed surprise at the apparent transformation, with one asking how he managed to “ruin” his “perfect face.” Another commented, “in the past 5 minutes I have seen several recent photos of Zac Efron and his face has been a different shape in every single one of them.” Another social media user joked that Zac Efron looked like a “more handsome Squidward.”

As the photos went viral, others came in to defend the 33-years-old actor. Some even pointed out that Efron has faced physical challenges in the past, which may have contributed to his appearance. The Greatest Showman Star broke his jaw in 2013 and had his mouth wired shut. Another Twitter user questioned why people “are sitting here body shaming him???”

This was not the first time Zac surprised his fans with his appearance. In July 2020, Zac sported a much more huskier look when he turned host for Netflix series “Down to Earth with Zac Efron.” One user gushed at that time, “Yes! Daddy Zac Efron is the twist 2020 needed.” 

Zac Efron is known to have experimented with his looks several times.

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Additionally, Zac has been open about various diets he’s adhered to in order to look a certain way for roles. “I’m so happy that I’m eating carbs again,” he said in 2017, speaking to Men’s Health. “I went, like, years without eating carbs.”

Plastic surgery or not, it is undeniable that Zac Efron does look, well, different.

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