Drew Barrymore And Ex-Husband Tom Green Reunite After 15 Years

And they’re all love for each other!

The latest episode of The Drew Barrymore Show was an emotional trip down memory lane. Friday’s episode saw Drew Barrymore and her ex-husband Tom Green reunite for the first time in 15 years.

“I have always been attracted to visionaries, comedians and people who make me laugh. I was so attracted to our next guest I even married him!” Barrymore, 45, said while introducing Green, 49.

Throughout the episode, they sat six-feet apart in order to maintain social distancing. And while the two may have not spoken in years, they were filled with the same amount of love as ever.

“I remember this night just being so content, I was at your parents’ lake house, and I remember hearing all their voices upstairs,” Drew recalled. “I was by myself and going to sleep and I was like, ‘Yeah, this is what safety and contentedness feels like before you’re going to sleep.’ I love your parents, and I really love you and I celebrate you.”

“You’ve had a whole life and I’ve had a whole life,” she got emotional as she said. “It’s just really nice to come together and check-in and talk about it, it just thrills me to no end. I celebrate you and I always have and I always will.”

Green too was looking forward to this long-due chat. “It’s been too long. It’s nice to reconnect,” the comedian said. “I guess, and this is really the first time we’ve looked at each other face-to-face in 15 years.”

Drew Barrymore and Tom Green reunited on the show after splitting in 2002

Tom Green and Drew Barrymore starred together in Charlie’s Angels (2000) and instantly hit it off. They got married in 2001 but eventually parted ways when Green filed for divorce six months later, in 2002.

Even at the time of their split, the two were far from bitter. “Drew is a wonderful woman. I love her very much, I wish our marriage could have worked out. I wish her much happiness,” Green told PEOPLE in a statement back then.

On the show, the duo reminisced about their short-lived but cherishable relationship.

“That was so exciting getting to do that movie with you,” he recalled. “And you know we kind of sort of hit it off right away pretty much. We had a lot of laughs together. I think one of our first dates I think we went and bought lobsters, because we both love animals and we both got lobsters and we released them into the ocean. That was what we decided to do.”

They even revealed what keepsakes they’ve kept from their marriage. Drew admitted she has the Pentax K1000 camera he bought her. As for Tom, he kept a mug which has his ex-wife’s photo on it, and he even brought it on the show.

“I found this mug in my garage a couple of years ago and I just kind of kept it because I figured someday I might be on your TV show and it’d be fun to have a sip out of your mug,” he joked.

The exes are “grateful” for each other and will always cherish what they had

Drew Barrymore and Tom Green’s reunion ended on a heartfelt note. “We had a lot of amazing experiences and I am grateful for that and I cherish them. Thanks Drew I appreciate it,” he said.

Barrymore replied saying, “I cherish you right back.”

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