Dua Lipa Confronts Stephen Colbert With A Deeply Personal Question

Dua Lipa is putting Stephen Colbert on the defensive.

Dua Lipa is putting Stephen Colbert on the defensive.

The musician asked Colbert about his beliefs during an interview on The Late Show on Thursday.

“I think something your viewers really connect with in your comedy and your hosting skills, especially in the past few years, is how open and honest and authentic you are about the role your faith plays in your life,” Dua Lipa said to Stephen Colbert. “I was wondering, does your faith and your comedy ever overlap, and does one ever win out?”

In true Colbert style, he opened his response with a light-hearted jest about how, as mortals, our faith will ultimately triumph. “But I certainly hope when I get to heaven, Jesus has a sense of humour,” he continued.

The comedian, who is a devout Catholic, believes that his faith is inextricably linked to the concepts of love and sacrifice. He told the 26-year-old pop sensation about a film he recently saw, Belfast, set in 2021, and how it ties to his life as an Irish-American. “It’s such an Irish movie, and I think this is also a Catholic thing,” he explained,” because it’s funny and it’s sad and it’s funny about being sad.”

Colbert, on the other hand, believes that mourning isn’t a loss if you can find a way to joke about it. “If there’s some relationship between my faith and my comedy, it’s that no matter what happens, you are never defeated,” he said, “You must understand and see this in the light of eternity and find some to love and laugh with each other.”

The candid interaction between Dua Lipa and Stephen Colbert warmed the hearts of fans, who flocked to Twitter to express their gratitude to The Late Show host.

A person tweeted, “This was a wonderful interview. I was so initially surprised at the depth and articulate nature of Dua Lipa, but she asked a deep question and from the genius of Stephen Colbert, got a gem. He is a gem!”

Another Twitter user added, “I can’t say enough about this two-minute clip. Incredible that someone so thoughtful is a daily gift of comedy. I’ve always admired Stephen Colbert so much and knew plenty about him, but this response here just blew me away.”

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