Dua Lipa Is Planning On Making Third Album And We Are Excited

New music from Dua Lipa?

Dua Lipa’s third album is a possibility, says record label president

Dua Lipa’s third album may soon be on the way according to the boss of her record label, Warner Records UK. Joe Kentish, the new president of this record label, recently opened up in an interview with Variety about the success of Dua’s album ‘Future Nostalgia’, which she released in early 2020.

Kentish also revealed that there have been talks of proceeding further with new material and the possibility of Dua Lipa’s third album.


“It’s The Terminator of albums, it just cannot be stopped!” he said referring to the widely popular second album. “Every time we think it’s down, another single pops off in another territory or on another platform. And her work ethic is legendary. We use her as an example to other artists at the label and I know her management company, Tap Music, do the same,” he added.

According to the president, Dua Lipa is “already thinking” about creating her third album. In Kentish’s words the new album will be “something completely different and at scale.”


“She was talking about album No.3 when we barely had No.2 done!. You’re half-expecting that she might want to take a break or go about things differently but she’s like ‘Right, what’s next?’ Her interests, her knowledge, her thirst to learn new things and to be in control of what she does just grows and grows,” he revealed about the 25-year-old singer-songwriter’s zeal and passion for music.

“She’s taking time to fully realise the album conceptually, but her belief in herself and the belief that she can pull off something completely different and at scale has only grown,” he added.

The singer’s other songs since ‘Future Nostalgia’ and an upcoming music video

The Grammy award winner has already released new music since ‘Future Nostalgia’ came out in 2020. These include her song ‘Fever’ in which she collaborated with Belgian singer Angéle, her track “Prisoner” featuring pop sensation Miley Cyrus and remix versions of her other tracks.


Dua Lipa is also set to release a new music video for her single ‘Love Again’ from ‘Future Nostalgia’ on June 4, 2021. Of course, the talks of a third studio album definitely got the fans hyped up and surely they cannot wait to see the musical sensation coming back with a banger new album!

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