Dua Lipa’s Pregnancy Rumours Come To An End With The Singer’s Latest Update

Is she pregnant?

Dua Lipa’s pregnancy rumours started going around last week when the 25-year-old singer-songwriter sparked a frenzy among fans with a post on Instagram.

Wearing a green tartan dress, the pop singer’s caption caught the eye as she included a baby’s bottle emoji alongside sparkles and an angel, leading to speculation she was pregnant. 

However, the singer, who is dating model Anwar Hadid, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and has put the rumours to rest by dismissing the speculations.

Dua Lipa’s Pregnancy

Explaining herself on Monday, Dua said, “I like finding little random emojis. I put, like, a little baby bottle, a little angel, some sparkles. Random. I really didn’t think this through.”

“I posted it, and then I look at the comments, and then somebody says, ‘Is she pregnant?’” Dua added. “And I look at the picture, I look at the comment, I look at the picture, I look at the comment [and] I’m like, ‘Surely, I don’t look pregnant.’ And then, I see that people have been writing stories saying that I posted some cryptic message that I might be announcing my pregnancy. And I’m like, ‘Oh my god. These emojis have come to bite me in the a–.’”

‘So I just deleted the caption, but I wasn’t smart enough and I didn’t take it off my Twitter.’

And finally, she set the record straight by adding, “I’m not pregnant, just to clear it up.”

When asked by Kimmel if she will announce any future pregnancy through emojis, Lipa said: “No, because now I’d be the boy who cried wolf.”

Dua Lipa’s Pregnancy
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Dua Lipa has been dating her 21-year-old model beau, Anwar Hadid, since June 2019. The couple was spotted in Mexico kicking off the new year together with a few of their friends before celebrating Christmas with Hadid family.

With the vacation and the caption, Dua Lipa’s pregnancy rumours had to make way.

Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid’s Relationship

Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid have kept most of their romance behind closed doors. However, after keeping things a little more low key, the singer acknowledged her relationship in the brand new issue of British Vogue.

“We have all these incredible memories and experiences, and if there’s something that we want to share together, then okay that’s fun,” she said. “But at the same time, we’re quite private.”

Adding, “We’ll only show you as much as we want you to see. It’s a little bit of give and take, trying to find the right balance of being so excited and being in love, and wanting to share that with the people around me, but at the same time not wanting to put too much out there. I want to be able to just be happy in this relationship without having other people’s opinions.”

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