Dwayne Johnson Reveals He Looked Like A Girl Before He Started Lifting

Wait what!?

Dwayne Johnson revealed that he did not always look like a hulking beast, as people used to mistake him for a girl before he started pumping iron.

When we think of a man who is built like a Greek God, the Rock is obviously the one who pops up in our minds. With a stature of six-feet-four-inches and a body made up of 270 pounds of pure muscle, he is probably the strongest in Hollywood.

Why was Dwayne Johnson mistaken for a girl?

The upcoming “Black Adam” star Dwayne Johnson recalled upon his childhood memories in a recent interview with Today. He revealed that when he got on the school bus during his first day of fifth grade, a kid asked him a question:

“I sit down next to a kid, and within 60 seconds, he goes, ‘Can I ask you something?'” the Rock recalled. “I said, ‘Yeah.’ He goes, ‘Are you a boy or a girl?'”

But this wasn’t the first time that this had happened, as Dwayne Johnson stated that, “I would say between the ages of 7 and 11, people thought that I was a little girl because I had really soft features and I had really soft Afro hair,” said Dwayne, who shares a mixed heritage of being Black and Samoan.

Looking back on his childhood photos, we can see why this had happened.

Dwayne Johnson is not just looking back on his childhood memories just for an interview, he has already gone in depth of his past in the biographical sitcom called “Young Rock”.

The eleven-episode-long sitcom depicts him growing up with a professional wrestler as a father, Rocky Johnson and how fast-paced his life was back then, as he had moved and lived in 13 American states by the time he was a school kid.

“I have had a Forrest Gump-ian childhood growing up,”Dwayne Johnson said of his past. “Wrestling in the ’80s and in the ’70s was way different than it is today. A lot of the times, including my father, the wrestlers would live paycheck to paycheck.”

Dwayne johnson had started his career as a wrestler back in 1996 under the stage name “The Rock,” which eventually led to his current stardom.

Check out the trailer for Dwayne Johnson’s biographical sitcom, “Young Rock” below-

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