Dylan Minnette Dissects Each Song With Wallows From The New EP- Remote

“It feels like the most original thing that we’ve done”

Dylan Minnette who is the singer and guitarist of the alt-rock trio, Wallows along with other two members, Braeden Lemasters, and Cole Preston broke down the songs from their new EP which couldn’t be named any better considering the current situation of the world as its called- Remote.

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In a talk with PEOPLE, the upcoming Scream 5 star, Dylan Minnette informed that Wallows new EP- Remote was produced in complete social distancing as the members only got to meet each other after the EP got completed.

“We never saw each other once before its completion,” said the 23-year-old Minnette “Lots of FaceTime calls to talk about it, and it was overall really fun and inspiring. It was kind of fun to not really have a vision and just let it find itself.”

The 13 reasons why star, also added that “It (Remote) feels like the most original thing that we’ve done, because it was super unplanned, happened last minute, and just really took shape,”

Here is the break-down off Remote by Wallows-

“Virtual Aerobics”

The EP’s first track is also its second single which was composed a while before the quarantine hit.

“I just sat at the piano and just played the opening piano part, and then Sachi’s (producer of Remote) like, ‘Oh, that’s sick.’ And Cole was like, ‘That’s cool,'” says Lemasters. “It’s in a waltz time signature, but I love how when the beat comes in, you forget what time signature it’s in because it’s kind of all over the place.”

The muse for the title of the song and its lyrics is Dylan Minnette’s sweetheart, Lydia Night who dedicates her time doing aerobics virtually.

“I’m quarantined with my girlfriend and she was doing virtual aerobics classes every day in the beginning, and I did some of that,” adds Minnette. “I thought it was a good title, so I just called this thing ‘Virtual Aerobics’ and then saw where my mind takes me lyrically.

“Dig What You Dug”

The elements of the song are an amalgamation of two older song projects.

“There was one idea called ‘You Want All the Friends You Got’ that me and Braeden had started a long time ago, and then another random rock guitar thing and we just merged those two things together,” stated the member and actor, Cole Preston.

“Nobody Gets Me (Like You)”

“A lot of these ideas come out of nowhere,” said Braeden Lemasters about the band never meeting the producer of the track, Arial Reichstahd. “He took us onto a whole ‘nother level. All the communication was through texting or through this app where we can listen to a mix in real-time, which is really cool. He would mix the song while we’re listening to a mix list literally in our houses.”


Dylan Minnette talked about this track in particular as Wallows waited for nearly two years for the right opportunity to come, to put this track out

“We’re like, ‘No, it’s not the time. That’s next album,'” said Minnette. “And all of a sudden we’re like, ‘Well, wait, why is it not the time? That doesn’t make any sense. Like why are we holding things over? Let’s put our best foot forward right now.’ We really believe in the songs.”

“Talk Like That”

this track has become quite close to the band’s heart as it began with a few guitar verses that were put away for another time.

“It just kind of existed as this thing that always sounded cool that maybe we would return back to one day,” informed Cole Preston.

“It’s something totally new for us and I can’t quite compare it to another Wallows song, even though it exists in the same universe as these upbeat guitar Wallows songs,” Cole added. “It’s certainly a departure in a cool way.”

“Wish Me Luck”

Wallows came up with the idea behind this track in an impressive 30 min mark

“The original melody was what the verse is, which … I feel like it’s hard to write really catchy verses, so that verse was going to be a chorus. But then we decided that it’d be sick to just start the song with a really catchy verse melody and then come up with a chorus to reinforce the song,” explained Preston abou the track.

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