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Eager To Know When Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Will Tie The Knot? Here Are The Deets!

Is 2020 going to witness this dream wedding?

Alex Rodriguez, a former pro basketball player, was practically on edge when he was getting ready to propose JLo back in 2019’s March- the golden moment he recently reminisced in a sweet one-year engagement post. And that got us thinking- hey, why aren’t Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez dishing any details about their impending wedding date, which if we are not wrong, is supposed to take place in 2020? 

While JLo and Rodriguez didn’t really set an official date, Lopez did reveal in a June 2019 video on her YouTube channel that they will be getting married “next year.” It is “next year”, ain’t it?

So, while Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are busy taking their sweet time to finalize the details, here is what we do know about the big, dreamy wedding:

Looks like Jennifer Lopez is doing all the preparations!
In a chat last year, Rodriguez had shared that JLo is already working on planning their big day and all he will do is “just show up” to his nuptials, ‘cause when “Jennifer is your partner, all you do is — you do a lot of nodding. ” 

But yeah the arrangements are going pretty slow

Even though she had had been “looking at everything” from dresses to wedding venues since the engagement, she shared that she was making the arrangements slowly.

“I think we have a pretty busy year ahead of us, so, you know, we are [taking it slow],” she said. “There’s no rush. We really see this as something that’s gonna be forever, and we’re gonna just take our time and do it right. And do it not rushed.”

Is a summer destination wedding in the books?

While Jennifer Lopez had also disclosed she wants to say “I do” in “a big wedding” in a church, Rodriguez had hinted at a destination wedding, when he dropped the clue that their guests would in for “a long flight.”

As for the season, they will be scheduling the day in, a source told ET that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez “plan to get married in the summer”! Well, summers are yet to sound their drum rolls, so ‘anything’ can happen. *wink wink*

The wedding list is going to be all-inclusive

As per Rodriguez, they will be going for “the more the merrier” way when deciding their guest list and will be inviting their ex-partners to the wedding as well, making it “all-inclusive.”

Any guesses who will be walking JLo down the aisle?

All their kids are happy for their parents and as Jennifer Lopez shared last year, her son will “of course” be walking her down the aisle!

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