Ed Sheeran Recollects The Lowest Phase Of His Life; Says He Had Panic Attacks!

‘Addictive Personality’ added to the woes

Ed Sheeran is a successful singer who climbed the stairs of fame with his blockbuster works. Interestingly, many believe that a celebrity’s life is devoid of troubles. Well, you ought to hear the words of Ed Sheeran to know about the tougher side. In a recent conversation, the Grammy Award winner opened up about how his physical and mental health went for a toss, especially after he became a famous personality.

The lowest point in his life

Recently, Ed Sheeran had attended an online summit on health and well-being. During the interaction, the Shape Of You star revealed that he had been through depression, anxiety and panic attacks. He remembered the lowest point in his life, which reached its peak during the World Tour of 2014-15 for the promotion of his album titled X. Back then, he followed a bad diet and exercising was never a part of his routine. Shockingly, there was a time when he didn’t see sunlight for around 4 months. “I was touring and I would stay up and drink all night and then… the buses would park underneath the arenas and I’d sleep on the bus all day and then wake up and then come out do the show, drink, get back on the bus.”, he recollected.

‘Addictive Personality’ added to the woes

Ed Sheeran admitted that he has a ‘Very Addictive Personality’ and it further added to the woes. Such a trait made him binge on food and alcohol without any moderation. The 29-year-old celebrity recollected that back then he hated to see himself, considering the weight that he had put on. Later, the English singer even had panic attacks in public places like tube, planes, supermarkets etc.

Addiction to phone

The highly-celebrated musician also revealed that he was too addicted to his phone. According to him, there was a time in 2015 when he had spent around 19 hours a day on the phone. Later, after the tour ended, Ed Sheeran decided to keep aside the phone and tried to live without it. ” It just felt like a massive weight had been lifted… Being off it has been really good.”, he opined about the change he felt thereafter.

Ed Sheeran credits wife for his present healthy lifestyle

Ed Sheeran credits his wife Cherry Seaborn for the lifestyle changes that he has made now. According to the singer, his wife exercises a lot and eats healthy food. As a result, he went jogging with her and took up healthy eating habits that led to his betterment.

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