Ed Sheeran’s Painting Help Cancer Campaign Raise Over £51,000

Can Ed Sheeran be anymore Perfect?

Ed Sheeran painting has raised over £51,000 for a cancer charity. The singer’s custom-made painting was won by an American woman named Claire Faynor. The 22-year-old won Sheeran’s artwork after buying a £20 charity raffle ticket. She lives in Vermont and is an information system specialist. While talking to BBC Radio Suffolk she said that she may create a “Sheeran room” in her house.

“I was trying to push that through with my roommates in the first place and now I have even more reason,” she said. She also told that she thought the winning email was a scam at first and didn’t “genuinely didn’t believe it”.

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All About Sheeran’s Artwork

Ed Sheeran’s painting was titled Splash Planet, which is an abstract artwork with bright blue, black, yellow, and red colors. The draw was taken out by Sheeran himself. He also sent a video message after the draw and said, “The painting is one of mine, one of the big splashy ones that you saw in the Afterglow cover,” Afterglow was released in December 2020.

The singer has earlier also talked about the artwork and said that it made him happy. “I painted a canvas a day for 30 days. It was really fun. It’s kind of Jackson Pollocky. I bought house paint and just layered it up by flicking it. I just do my art and I love doing it. It’s something that makes me happy, that no one else needs to judge,” the Perfect singer said while talking about Splash Planet.

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The raised funds will be used in Cancer Campaign in Suffolk (CCiS). The whole organization got a total of £67,000 through further donations after the Ed Sheeran painting raffle ended on Monday. The organization started the raffle last month, and the draw was made on Monday. CCiS chief executive Karen Hare said, “We have been overwhelmed and delighted by the support we have been given, both here and abroad, and it’s been absolutely fantastic to know that we have raised over £51,000 through ticket sales and donations.”

Not the first time for Sheeran to sell his painting!

This is not the first time that Ed Sheeran’s painting is helping to raise charity. Earlier, the popstar had also auctioned his painting, Dab 2, which sold for £40,000. The earning went to the GeeWizz Charitable Foundation who provides special equipment to young adults and children who live in Suffolk and Norfolk and suffer from life-threatening conditions, disabilities, or cancer, along with St Elizabeth Hospice, which helps people living with progressive and life-limiting illnesses.

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