Eiza Gonzalez Arrived On The Jimmy Fallon Show For An In-person Interview

The star looked radiant as ever.

Eiza Gonzalez came on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, though not via video call, as she was there for an in-person interview with the funny host.

With the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines, entertainment filming protocols have now taken a step back and are slowly bringing back the good ol’ style of filming.

Eiza Gonzalez came on the Jimmy Fallon talk show, to promote her recent action-packed flick, “Godzilla vs Kong“.

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Eiza Gonzalez revealed to Jimmy Fallon about her first movie audition after coming to the United States. She talked about how she just happened to be in Los Angeles, living in a rented apartment and confused about her next career move.

She told Jimmy Fallon, that it was her mom, Glenda Reyna, who pushed her to do an audition. Eiza imitated her mom by saying “Oh my god, I heard about this thing called IMDBpro, I’m gonna sign you up.” To which she had jokingly replied, “yes, mom.”

And guess what, she got an audition. Eiza Gonzalez then went on to talk to Jimmy Fallon, about the experience of giving her first audition after coming to the States.

“I go to this audition, and I was terrified because English is my second language and I was like ‘never done this before,’ so I like did it and then I did another audition,” said the femme fatale expert, Eiza Gonzalez.

She, unfortunately, “didn’t get it” but what shocked her was the fact that she found out later on, that the film she auditioned for, was the big-budget first instalment of the new trilogy, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens“.

The Jimmy Fallon interview wasn’t the only one that Eiza was invited to, she is now on the cover of Shape magazine and she also had a chat on how confident the 31-year-old star feels about her own body.

But it wasn’t always like that as she stated that “Maybe four years ago, I went on a trip with my then boyfriend and got photographed by paparazzi at the beach. You could see cellulite on my leg in the photos, and I was so embarrassed.”

“Now I feel so sexy when I see my cellulite or my butt — that it’s big, with little dimples. I feel so s**y just having a jiggle, or when I sit and my legs create that little fat on the side of my hip. I really do. I feel like a woman, I can move my body, and it makes me feel really empowered, something that I never would have felt in my 20s.”

Check out the full Eiza Gonzalez Interview on the Jimmy Fallon show below-

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