Ella Balinska, The Newest Charlie’s Angel, Is Turning Heads And Here’s WHY!

For a woman of just 23, she is a pretty high-achiever

For a woman of just 23, Ella Balinska is a pretty high-achiever. This London born actress is of British, Polish and Carribean descent. The recent November release ‘Charlie’s Angels’ had Ella Balinska as a fresh-face star cast along with already famous Kristen Stewart and Naomi Scott. Since then, Ella’s face got mapped globally, and she has only seen a boom in her professional enquiries from established fashion brands! 

Ella Balinska’s journey till her first lead role in ‘Charlie’s Angels’ 

Beginning from 2014, Ella Balinska has been a part of films like Junction 9, Thanatos, Hunted, Clover, Tiers of the tropics, Room, A Modern Tale and Ru’s Angel. She has also been a part of TV shows like Casualty and Midsomer Murders. Ella’s first big break happened in 2017 with the Sky teen drama ‘The Athena’, playing Nyela Malik. In November 2019’s release ‘Charlie’s Angel’, Ella Balinska was selected as one of the lead cast, opposite Noah Centineo. Playing the role of an ex-MI6 agent named Jane Kano, Ella Balinska has confidently pulled off the different characteristics that her role demanded. 

When Elle Magazine asked Balinska about her experience as the lead cast, she answered, “We had this amazing opportunity to inspire a whole new generation who will watch the film and take something quite different from the other one”. She also added, “It’s through a lens which is a really empowered narrative with smart, intelligent, hardworking, witty, and talented characters. You can look at them and see them echoed in real life through your friends, family members, and colleagues.” We would be seeing Ella Balinska again in the 2020 release Run Sweetheart Run. 

Ella Balinska– The brand ambassador and face of numerous fashion brands!

Ella is 5’11, which makes her a great fit for a model. She also has a chiselled jawline and a sculpted silhouette making her all the more desired. Cartier has chosen Ella Balinska as the face and brand ambassador of their jaw-dropping fresh launch called ‘Panthere De Cartier Collection’. For the London based brand Kurt Geiger, Ella has been the star of the campaign. She has also worked in one of the departmental stores for the company. 

Other interests of Ella Balinska that set her apart!

Ella has been interested in athletics since she was a child. Back in school, she was a runner who competed on National level. She has also thrown javelin for Team London. Moreover, Ella has been a huge Anime fan, and has worked with Studio Ghibli films, the animation studio that produced some of the best anime, like Howl’s Moving Castle, Nausicaa, and Princess Mononoke. 

We wish more success to the stunning model and actress, Ella Balinska, for her upcoming years in the industry. May her 2020 release, Run Sweetheart Run, be a massive hit at the box office, and may she be the face of many more fashion brands. 

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