Ellen DeGeneres Show: After Ellen Apologizes, More Allegations Around Sexual Misconduct Surface

Ellen DeGeneres show ‘happy place’ persona a facade?

Ellen DeGeneres Show was every household’s classic ‘mi Familia’ bonding show, with the host unabashedly asking questions to the biggies of every industry. While the chat show mogul created a trademark, the ‘happy and blissful’ vibes were superficial and quite the contrary for most of the crew. The BuzzFeed news story maimed the ‘be kind’ reputation that the show and its producers have been portraying. The gripping news anecdote featured the stories of over 36 employees, that revealed the toxic work culture, sexual harassment and gaucherie.

In a BuzzFeed report published on 30th July,  BuzzFeed interviewed more former employees who gave their insights on the unethical work environment. With the producers soliciting obscene favours, lewd behaviour in parties, racist slurs and all kinds of sexual misconduct that could make you run for the hills. These high ranking sleazeballs preyed on their subordinates and younger employees trying to build a career, worsened by a faulty HR. While the Internet projectile questions at the Warner Bros. Company and Ellen DeGeneres they had the same old diplomatic response. Haha, textbook power play! 

While a few employees also asserted that DeGeneres wasn’t quite aware of these toxic elements, as she is exhibited a different impression of the work environment by the executive producers, Ellen DeGeneres issued an apology letter saying she ‘takes responsibility for that (workplace harassment)’ “Unless she lives in a bubble”. Ellen had definitely blindsided these acts as she spends most of her time with these producers and does not wish to out her career at stake, as claimed by certain employees ‘She knows Sh*t, but does not want to hear it’.

Brad Garrett of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ fame snapped back at Ellen’s phoney memo, “Sorry but it comes from the top @TheEllenShow,” “Know more than one who were treated horribly by her. Common knowledge.” Coming from someone who has guest-starred at least 6 times on her show, this statement did brew up some controversy. While Scooter Braun jumped to her rescue calling Ellen ‘a kind, courageous human being’ commenting on her helpful and vocal nature. Recent claims by a source hinted that the only way for Ellen to ‘recover her personal brand’ would be plausible by ‘shutting down the show’. Apparently she has had enough of the allegations and might quit the show soon.

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