‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Cancellation False; Producer Refutes Rumours

Ellen is not quitting!

The ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ got dragged into the swamp as BuzzFeed published a major exposé revealing the toxic work culture, unwarranted racism and sexual impropriety faced by former employees. The articles revealed ‘racist’ ‘obscene’ work environment which definitely rocked the smooth sailing ‘happy place’ boat the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ had questioning it’s ‘ be kind’ mantra. With Warner Media conducting an internal investigation and Ellen herself publishing an apology to her former employees, the rumours of Ellen’s probable quitting did the rounds.

Last week, Buzzfeed published two articles interviewing former employees who gave details on the impropriety in the workplace, creating quite the storm with celebrities being divided on the issue. With former crew members voicing out on lewd parties, casual racism and sexual misconduct by Executive Producers like Glavin and Leman. With Ellen’s apology came another carousel of replies from employees calling out her sham and said she was ‘aware’ of these happenings. In her apology statement, she expressed her gratitude and saying ‘ I could not have the success I’ve had without your contributions’. Addressing her lack of presence in the matters going on behind the studios she said she is ‘committed to ensure this does not happen again.’

A recent source claimed that Ellen plans on quitting the show. On 30th July a user questioned Andy Lassner one of the show’s producers if the show was going off-air after the allegations and debacle, Lassner clearly shunned these rumours tweeting ‘Nobody is going off air’. Lassner later joked about the whole debacle through an ironic tweet on how 2020 rather had other plans. Another insider called these claims ‘absolute bullsh*t’ and Ellen plans a fightback. According to an internal email, she might begin filming for her show soon. Scooter Braun clapped back and jumped to Ellen’s defence, however, Ellen definitely faced backlash from Brad Garrett, Nick T. Porter and more recently, Lea Thompson calling it a ‘true story’. The fact that Ellen’s huge circle of celebrity clout not making any statements also quite confused audiences, we hope 2020 holds something better in store for us.

Cover Image Source: Instagram

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