Elsa Pataky Reveals Her Intense Training With Chris Hemsworth for Interceptor

They share a great chemistry on set too!

Elsa Pataky, the 45-year-old actress, opened up about going through some intense training sessions with her husband Chris Hemsworth in preparation for her upcoming action flick titled ‘Interceptor’. The 38-year-old Marvel star had a lot to do with physically preparing the model and actress for her upcoming role.

Elsa Pataky on her workout sessions with husband Chris Hemsworth

Speaking to ET, Pataky disclosed that Hemsworth made her go through some really vigorous workout sessions like muscle-building, six months prior to the filming of the movie. According to her, the “Thor” star helped her memorize some 800 stunt moves for the film.


“Yeah, it was hard,” she admitted. “Since I read the script, I wanted to get into that physicality that these military women [go through]. Since that moment I was like, ‘I just want to create muscle and just start working out.’ Of course, Chris was holding my hand ’cause he knows and he’s done this before, so he had a lot of advice for me,” she added.


She also revealed how she had to change her diet and underwent a lot of the training that women in the military go through. “We were probably working out every day for like an hour and a half and then we started to prepare for the movie,” she said. “We started just getting into all those fights, which is like three hours a day, four months before the movie. We were, like, every day learning all those movies. It’s like this choreography that you have to go through,” she added.


Elsa Pataky also confessed that despite these rigorous training sessions with Chris Hemsworth, she couldn’t get enough of them. She was also quite happy about the fact that her stunt double and stunt coordinator were also women and said that it “helped a lot ’cause it makes you understand how women move differently in a fight.”

The actor was quite bossy with her during training

The actress also revealed on an episode of The Project that her husband was quite bossy during their training sessions. “He was so bossy!” she exclaimed. “He was just telling me, like, ‘This is the right angle when you punch’. He was just showing me how to do it, what is the right position you have to have,” she continued.

“He has been doing it for a long time. It was great having him. He was supporting me from the beginning, from when he first read the script. He said, ‘You have to do this, it’s going to be fun, you will enjoy it, I know how much you like this kind of movie’. And [he told me] how destroyed you will be after, and you won’t do it again,” she added with a laugh.


Elsa Pataky also talked about how she dealt with professional disagreements with Chris Hemsworth on set. “It’s like your marriage, in a way, you work things out. It’s different when he’s an executive producer, he gives you advice, he supports you. It’s easier than when we are married every day,” she said.

Interceptor premieres on Netflix on June 3.

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