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Emma Watson Joins Kering’s Board Of Directors For Advocating Sustainable Fashion

More power to you, Emma!

Transitioning from a childhood full of onscreen performances, most memorably the passionate Hermione Granger, to supporting causes that mirror her beliefs, Emma Watson’s adulthood credentials can be a cause of envy! At 30, Emma Watson has aced her role as a UN goodwill ambassador and an outspoken feminist. Now the actress has found another cause to champion for and stands at the forefront of advocating for sustainable and ethical fashion. 

Kering group’s new advocate 

Recently, the owner and CEO of French luxury group Kering, François-Henri Pinault, announced that Emma would be joining the group’s board of directors. “I am delighted to welcome Jean Liu, Tidjane Thiam and Emma Watson to our Board of Directors. I am proud to add such impressive talents to the team.” – He quoted. The actress was also appointed as the head of the group’s sustainability committee. The CEO believes that Emma’s diverse areas of expertise and her immense knowledge will make her an invaluable addition to the team. (We couldn’t agree more!) The group that runs popular fashion labels such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Pomellato and Alexander McQueen among others is finding ways to enhance current fashion practices in the industry.  

Ethical fashion and Emma

Emma’s not one to talk without backing it up with action. Even before the actress became part of the Kering group, she was making ethically sound fashion choices. Using her platform and reach to amplify the importance of sustainability in the world of fashion, Emma has set the benchmark for millennials. The labels she sports have zero-waste factory outlets and cruelty-free practices. The actress doesn’t shy from wearing vintage and custom as well, making it a point to support independent designers and fashion houses of diverse backgrounds. She also consciously chooses materials that are made up of natural fibers, making a bespoke fashion statement with each look and design. 

Eco-fashion done right! 

Being an actress of wide repute, Emma could easily choose from runway brands and join the trend of fast fashion. But she chooses to adorn brands that create clothing that is environmentally sustainable yet mirror her unique personality. The actress frequently dons cotton, linen, resourced wool, and reused polyester made ensembles – a true trailblazer of eco-fashion! She even has an Instagram account dedicated solely to highlight the labels she feels are adopting sustainable fashion practices. (We’re going to tap that follow button too!) 

Emma Watson’s commitment to the causes she believes in is a testament to her thoughtful and charming persona. The actress shows us that walking the talk is crucial and that there are no limits to what one can achieve. She inspires the inner Granger in us to shine. 

More power to you, Emma!

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