Ever Wondered Why Eva Mendes Never Posts Pictures Of Ryan Gosling And Her Kids?

And apparently, this ‘family’ social media silence will continue

One of the successful couples of tinsel town, actress Eva Mendes and actor Ryan Gosling have been together since 2011, got married in 2018, and have been together for the past nine years. They have two daughters, Amada, 3, and Esmeralda, 5- the perfect fairytale, eh? Who would not want a peek at their life?! But while Gosling is hardly present on social media handles, Eva Mendes, too, prefers to be rather low-key when it comes to talking or posting pictures of her family- an enigma she recently explained. 

Turns out, she won’t be sharing photos with her daughters or Ryan Gosling anytime soon

Eva Mendes recently posted a picture of a piece of art by one of her favorite artists, René Magritte as she was having a hard time thinking of sharing something that is appropriate for the pandemic the world is battling. 

“During these times, I’m so confused about what to post so I’m going to post things that move me in hopes that they move you as well. Since I don’t post about my immediate family, and it feels so wrong to post about work, here you go,” read the caption of her post.

Fans jumped up at the mention of her family and questioned Mendes in the comments about why her Instagram profile doesn’t have a picture of Gosling or their children, to which Mendes replied: “I have always had a clear boundary when it comes to my man and my kids. I’ll talk about them of course, with limits, but I won’t post pictures of our daily life.” 

While she likes to keep her life private, when it comes to her very young daughters Esmeralda and Amada, Mendes is not on-board the idea of posting about them and about their life on a platform accessible to millions. 

“And since my children are still so little and don’t understand what posting their image really means,” she wrote, adding that until they grow up and are old enough to give their momma “their consent”, she won’t posting about them. “As far as Ryan and I, it just works for us this way, to stay private.”

In the past too, Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have kept their relationship pretty hush-hush, apart from a rare 2019 interview with Women’s Health, where Mendes talked about never wanting kids until “Ryan Gosling happened” and “it made sense for me to have…not kids, but his kids.”

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