Fan Art Shows Henry Cavill In A Batman Avatar Ahead Of Justice League 2

Is there any superhero character that the actor cannot be well suited for?

Henry Cavill has always been seen in a ‘Superman’ avatar by DC fans around the globe. But giving his character an interesting twist, a latest piece of fan art shows us what he would have looked like if he was ‘Batman’ instead.  

Artist ‘HouseOfMat’ presents Henry Cavill as Batman

Previously, Henry Cavill has appeared as our beloved Superman in three movies: Man Of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. We’ve seen him share the screen with other characters from the DC world and fans are confident that he plays the role of Superman like nobody else can. 

But HouseOfMat, an Instagram famous artist, has put his quarantine time to good use and sketched Henry Cavill as Batman. Time for the curtains to open, take a look: 

With the charcoal black costume, mask on his well-built body and the famous ‘Henry Cavill jawline,’ we cannot help but wonder if there’s any superhero character that the actor cannot be well suited for?

Justice League 2: Plot, Release Date & More: 

Fans have been ardently waiting for the sequel but thanks to COVID 19, the whole world has come to a standstill. Justice League 2 was slated to go on air in 2019 but a delay in schedule has now postponed the release. Sources reveal that it may release towards the end of this year or in 2021. 

The cast of Justice League 2 doesn’t disappoint! It stars all our favourite recurring heroes with celebrated faces behind the mask. Henry Cavill as Superman, Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, Ben Affleck as Batman, and Gal Godot as Wonder Woman are all set to reclaim their reign.  

Henry Cavill to star in Man Of Steel 2? 

Since Henry Cavill is all set to feature in multiple DC movies including Justice League 2. However, fans are concerned if the actor will be able to continue his role in Man Of Steel 2. This movie specifically revolves around Superman’s life and requires a solo feature, something that might conflict with his schedule of Justice League 2. Fans have therefore speculated that Warner Bros might end up looking for other options and may surprise us with a new face of Superman in Man Of Steel 2!  

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