Former POTUS Barack Obama Is All Set To Feature In New Netflix Documentary

The ex-president urges people to treat our planet better!

Barack Obama, the former US president is all set to bring to the world his new Netflix documentary titled “Our Great Nation Park” where he has taken up narration duties. It is a five-part series that hit the streaming service on April 13.

What is Barack Obama’s new Netflix documentary about?

Featuring magnificent national parks on five different continents, the documentary tells the tale of each of these national parks from the point of view of the habitat’s animal residents. It aims to depict the full picture of each park’s ecosystem by shedding the limelight on their creatures of all shapes and sizes. The national parks featured in the documentary are Kenya’s Tsavo National Park, Indonesia’s Gunung Leuser National Park, Chilean Patagonia, and more.

What did he say in his interview with Today?

President Barack Obama, who does the narration on this documentary and also serves as the executive producer of the series, urges the viewers to protect our national parks. “I‘m hoping that we’re going to learn something, not just about how to maintain national parks, but why it’s so important to deal with issues like climate change that threaten the entire planet,” he said in an interview with Today’s Al Roker while walking through Virginia’s Great Falls National Park.


He stressed the importance of loving our planet more, which he said that the younger generation have already started doing. “I think that the generation of our kids are more mindful of how we haven’t always taken care of the planet,” he said.  “And with climate change affecting everything, they are demanding action. Nature is more resilient than we think, if we are intentional about it,” he added.


He also mentioned how his daughters Sasha and Malia are already a part of the population that “demands us being better caretakers.” He also mentioned how he feels elated when surrounded by nature.

“Any time we get out of the city and we’re among trees and woods and critters I feel better,” he said.

The former President’s opinions on the Russian invasion

Barack Obama other than speaking about his Netflix documentary also opened up about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and shared his thoughts on President Vladimir Putin.


“Putin has always been ruthless against his own people, as well as others,” he said. “He has always been somebody who’s wrapped up in this twisted, distorted sense of grievance and ethnic nationalism. That part of Putin, I think has always been there,” he said. “What we have seen with the invasion of Ukraine is him being reckless in a way that you might not have anticipated eight, ten years ago, but the danger was always there,” he added.

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