From flaunting Her baby Bump In Neon To Opening Up About Her Vulnerabilities, Katy Perry Is Smashing Stereotypes During Her Pregnancy

Ditch flashy and body-hugging clothes?

We, unfortunately, are still battling a culture that places women under some boundaries and expects them to follow certain unsaid codes and behaviors. Katy Perry, a twenty-first-century woman, is showing us how to beat these stereotypes and take every phase of life in your own unique way!

Getting candid about her pregnancy 

Yes, while mothers are the epitome of strength and courage, they are humans too. Katy Perry, the soon to be celeb mommy confessed about how she did not feel ready to become a mother for the longest time and how she gave herself the time to make up her mind without any judgments. In conversation with a radio channel, she said, “I think, definitely, everything’s changing. I wasn’t ready a couple of years ago, and I did the work to get ready and now I’m really ready…It’s just time for me, and it’s the right time.” 

Further, being the bubbly person that she is, Katy Perry also made some comments that made us realize how down to earth and honest she is. For instance, she confessed that she is a regular girl who has hopes about raising a family. She said, “I was that girl, or am still that girl, that had that box, the baby clothes before there was the thought or even an Orlando Bloom.”

Oh, and did we mention, her announcement to the world about her pregnancy is as crazy and warm as it gets. Her recent music video, ‘Never Worn White‘ revealed her big belly towards the end breaking the news to the world.

Ditch flashy and body-hugging clothes? It’s a no from Katy Perry! 

Instead of hiding her baby bump, she is wearing it proudly like a crown. There is a common trend of wearing loose and comfortable maternity clothes as one moves closer to having a child but hey, there is no rule book for it! Katy Perry is unafraid and more importantly, unapologetic for not giving up on her favorite neon dresses even during pregnancy. We recently saw her perform at concerts looking hot as a fire even with a baby bump. Might we go on to say, it would not be a wrong assumption to state that she is the most badass-ly wonderful mother the planet is going to see! 

That is the beauty of a confident woman; she can embrace life as it comes, celebrating every day as a new beginning. Knowing how wild and quirky Katy Perry is, we are wondering what baby Perry is going to be like. Any guesses? 

Cover Image Source: Twitter

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