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From Staying Slim To Husky Voice – Scarlett Johansson Makes Striking Revelations

When husky voice risked her career

Be it in terms of style quotient or acting skills, Scarlett Johansson is inimitable. As a result, she emerged as the highest box office female star of all-time. From the selection of scripts to the makeovers that she undergoes for characters, she continues to inspire many. Recently, in a few conversations, Scarlett Johansson had opened up about her professional and personal lives, which fans just can’t miss!

Staying slim is a yardstick

Staying slim is no simple task and there is a belief that celebrities are bound to be the role models in this aspect. According to Scarlett Johansson, the pressure on celebrities to remain thin was there in the past as well. She recollected a scene from the movie ‘All About Eve’ where the leading lady goes through a lot of thoughts before taking a bite of chocolate. Meanwhile, she pointed out that now the demand has worsened further. While making it clear that she is a bit paranoid about her health, the Black Widow actress stated that she prefers to remain ‘slim but healthy’.

Scarlett Johansson‘s mantra about maintaining privacy

After becoming a celebrity, one’s private life often goes for a toss. Scarlett Johansson mentioned that there is a way to maintain privacy and she has adopted the same. “There’s a classy way of going about keeping your privacy. There’s an aggressive way to do it, and there’s a quieter way, and because I am not an aggressive person, I choose just to lie low, which is not that hard to do”. On the other hand, the actress revealed that she has never struggled with her public persona. According to Scarlett, people’s opinion barely matters to her.

When husky voice risked her career

Scarlett Johansson has a unique husky voice and it is now regarded as her strength. However, it would be surprising to know that her tone was a hurdle once. In an interview, Scarlett Johansson opened up that during her childhood days, she was interested in musical theatre. For that, she took up training in singing but because of her deep voice, she missed out on the opportunities to take part in musical plays. Even while auditioning for movies, her voice posed problems for her. The popular actress remembered that there were numerous instances when the casting directors asked her whether she had a sore throat or not.

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