Gabriella Brooks Joins The Hemsworths For Liam Hemsworth’s Birthday Lunch

What’s cooking in the Hemsworth family?

Liam Hemsworth’s birthday celebration with girlfriend Gabriella

Liam spent his 31st birthday with his girlfriend Gabriella Brooks, Australian model and actress. The pair was spotted having lunch in Byron Bay together with Liam’s family, according to Daily Mail.

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Liam Hemsworth and Gabriella Brooks have been dating since December 2019, following Liam’s gnarly break-up with ex-wife, singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus. The former husband and wife split in August in the same year.

Liam Hemsworth and Gabriella Brook’s relationship

According to an insider source from E! News, Liam Hemsworth and Gabriella Brooke’s romance is “very different” from what it was with Miley Cyrus.

“They like the same things and have the same lifestyle,” said the source.

“It’s not a rollercoaster of highs and lows. Gabriella is very laid-back and even-keeled,” they added.

The source also told the publication that Gabriella has been on really good terms with the entire Hemsworth family. They approve of her and love her because she “brings out the best in him [Liam Hemsworth]”

“The family very much approves and likes having her around. They are happy for Liam that he has found someone that brings out the best in him” according to the E! News source. Gabriella picking up coffee with Liam’s sister-in-law Samantha Hemsworth proves the legitimacy of the source’s statement.


Liam Hemsworth and Gabriella Brooks also celebrated Liam’s older brother Luke Hemsworth’s 40th birthday together. In a photo that Chris Hemsworth shared, the couple appeared to be really close.

Chris Hemsworth’s birthday wish for brother Liam

Chris Hemsworth, the 37-year-old actor took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a sweet and nostalgic photo from childhood for his younger brother Liam Hemsworth’s birthday, and fans went all ‘aww’ at the display of brotherly love.

In the photo, both the brothers can be seen wearing something which looked like matching school uniforms, yellow t-shirts and black shorts, posing for the camera with a cute dog. Chris sported a very 90’s haircut, while his little brother grinned sitting next to him.

The caption of the post read, “Happy birthday @liamhemsworth – this photo was taken 3 years ago today, damn time flies but you haven’t changed a bit.”

Fans’ were absolutely thrilled at the way Chris Hemsworth paid his well wishes for Liam Hemsworth’s birthday, It was the cutest picture of the brother duo

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