Gal Gadot Says She Was Threatened By Joss Whedon Over Her Career


Wonder Woman actor Gal Gadot confirms that Joss Whedon threatened to make her career miserable in a new interview.

Gal Gadot also confirmed that she ‘handled’ the situation herself when Joss Whedon was being rude and mean to her during the filming of the 2017 Justice League movie, which recently got a re-release/”improved” cut known as Justice League: The Snyder Cut under the vision of Zack Snyder.

Joss Whedon is already on bad terms with DC fans, fans of Justice League and DC did not receive Whedon’s 2017 Justice League that well, alleging that his version of the Justice League is ‘bleak’ and that it does not take the dark nature of the movie seriously. Now to make matters worse, it has been revealed by Gal Gadot herself that she was threatened by Whedon during the filming of Justice League in 2017.

Gal Gadot recently spilled the shocking news during the Saturday interview to N12, an Israeli outlet-

“He kind of threatened my career and said if I did something, he would make my career miserable and I just took care of it instead.”

It is unclear what course of action Gal Gadot took to “take care” of the situation but one thing is for sure, Joss Whedon is about to receive a lot of negative feedback from DC Fans.

It wasn’t long ago, back at the start of April, when reports surfaced that Joss Whedon had threatened Gadot’s career during the Justice League reshoots. Gal Gadot was unhappy with the direction her character was headed and the lines given to her by Whedon during the reshoots weren’t to her liking; Whedon apparently was not too happy about the problem and threatened her career if she did not comply.

The reshoots were the result of Zack Snyder leaving the movie during production and Whedon wanted to change “some aspects of the movie” but ended up changing over 75% of the original film after Snyder left.

Gal Gadot isn’t the only actor from Justice League who has had complaints about Joss Whedon. Back in 2020, Ray Fisher, who plays the role of Cyborg in Justice League, complained about Joss Whedon’s “gross, abusive, unprofessional and completely unacceptable” behavior on set. Warner Bros. looked into the allegations and said that remedial action was taken however the findings of the investigation into the matter were never released.

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