George Clooney And Family Are Stuck In A Villa After Lake Como Floods

George Clooney also helped the locals in cleaning.

George Clooney and family are stuck in a villa after the Lake Como floods, which has resulted in the mud and debris stacking up at the door. The villa is in the northern part of Italy, near Lake Como.

The 60-years-old actor is there with his wife, Amal Clooney, and two four-year-old kids: Alexander Clooney and Ella Clooney. George bought the villa for €11.7 million in 2002, which includes an outdoor theatre, a swimming pool, and 25 rooms.

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George Clooney talking and helping the locals

George Clooney was also seen talking and helping the residents of the city who were affected by the flood. He also helped in cleaning the mess and met the mayor at severely affected areas of the city.

George Clooney also shared the photo with the mayor of the Laglio and a civil protection volunteer.

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“It’s much worse than I thought. In Cernobbio the situation is serious. I spoke with the mayor, there will be a lot of work, it will take millions of dollars, but this city is strong,” George Clooney told Italian Media.

“It will react and return better than before. This is a very resilient city,” George added.

After George Clooney, The Mayor of the Town, Roberto Pozzi spoke to the media. He said, “Four houses have been destroyed and those families are being given alternative accommodation. The noise and the strength of the water were amazing. I have never seen anything like it. This will take many days to clear up.”

The Mayor also spoke about Ocean’s Eleven and his family. He said, “George and his family are here and the road near their house is impassable in places but they are safe and there was no damage to their properties.”

“We had three days of continuous rain and then all hell broke loose and we were flooded with an amazing wall of water and debris from the mountain,” he continued. Recently, it is not been the only disaster that occurred in Europe. Within a range of a month, dozens of people were killed and hundreds more displaced from their homes due to the extreme rains that hit Germany and Belgium. And all this also caused damage in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

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