George Clooney Recalls His Near Fatal Accident And The Truth About Fame

“I was waiting for my switch to turn off.”

George Clooney is much of an open book. Right from his professional to personal life, the megastar has spoken about his life on many occasions. In a recent interview with The Sunday Times, Clooney opened up about turning 60 and more yet again. 

Several years after surviving a motorcycle accident, George Clooney has opened up about his memories of the incident. For the unreversed, Clooney was involved in a deadly set accident when he was thrown from his motorbike after he was hit by a car while filming Catch 22 in Sardinia in 2018.

“I was waiting for my switch to turn off [but] I’m fine now,” Clooney, 60, recalled. 

Clooney further added how the accident also made him realize other things, mainly when it comes to the reaction of the bystanders, who gathered around him taking photos and videos on their phones while he was on the ground injured.

“If you’re in the public eye, what you realise when you’re on the ground thinking it’s the last minute of your life is that, for some people, it’s just going to be entertainment for their Facebook page. You want to take every one and shake them,” he said.

“The driver immediately recognized he was responsible,” a local police officer told Us Weekly at the time. “He turned the car without respecting the road laws. He was the first to call the emergency services and the police.”

One year later, the Up in the Air star claimed his accident was “bad” during an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

“It split my helmet in half, it knocked me out of my shoes. I was hit hard,” the accomplished director told the magazine in May 2019. “I was just waiting for the switch to turn off because I broke his windshield with my head, and I thought, ‘OK, well, that’s my neck.’ If you get nine lives, I got all of them used up at once — so I can let go of motorcycle riding for a while.” 

Post his accident, the star previously joked that wife Amal Clooney has since forbidden him from riding on motorcycles following the crash.

“I’m not allowed to ride motorcycles,” he teased during a Catch-22 panel in May 2019. “I got into a really bad accident. I hit a guy at 70 miles an hour on my bike. Got launched. And so, I’m off of bikes.”

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Clooney celebrated his 60th birthday in May and his wife Amal threw a party for close friends. 

Speaking about turning 60 he said: “Turning 60 is a bummer. But it’s that or dead. I said to Amal, knock on wood, I’m healthy. I still play basketball with the younger gang. I feel good. But in 20 years I’m 80 – and 80 is a real number.”

He continued: “I said the next 20 years are halcyon and we need to celebrate that, we should focus on the work we do being just the stuff we have to, that we feel in our chest.”

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