Gigi Hadid And Bella Hadid Take A Fashionable Stroll With Baby Khai in NYC

They stole everybody’s spotlight with their style.

Gigi Hadid went out for a casual yet fashionable walk with her supermodel sister, Bella Hadid, and baby Khai, under the sunny weather of New York City.

The 25-year-old new mom in town trudged along with her 7-month-old baby Khai and with the fashionable aunt to Khai, Bella Hadid, 24, who decided to give company to the two.

The sisters wore some casual but drippy outfits for their walk in the NoHo neighborhood of New York City.

Gigi Hadid wore a sporty outfit consisting of a grey oversized sweatshirt and matching shorts which were paired with chunky sneakers and a lime green purse.

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While her younger sister, Bella Hadid, wore a layered outfit consisting of a blue shirt, worn over a white tee and baggy jeans which were paired with white trainers. Her outfit was topped off with a brown leather vest and a black purse.

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For the sunny day, both the sisters wore classy sunglasses and to protect Baby Khai from the sun, her stroller’s hood was drawn over which unfortunately hid her completely.

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Gigi Hadid’s fashion sense isn’t just limited to clothes, her decorative choices for her bathroom have also gone viral on the internet.

On Thursday, Gigi Hadid took to her Instagram stories, to give an insight into her colourful bathroom which she designed to match the bright interior of her home.

Gigi Hadid decided to utilize the aesthetic colours of the “New Yorker” magazine covers and pasting them on the walls of her bathroom which really made it unique among all the other flashy celebrity bathrooms and homes.

Gigi’s bathroom is so unique that the model herself calls the room a “powder room” instead.

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“Used to dream about making this New Yorker powder room,” Gigi named her bathroom.

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Gigi Hadid had also previously shared the new makeover that her home got, on her Instagram. She posted multiple pics of her colourful pad, back in July 2020.

In the caption, she thanked multiple people who helped her output her ideas, including her mom, Yolanda Hadid.

Gigi Hadid wrote that she “Spent all of last year designing and curating my passion project / dream spot. Of course it all came together right before quarantining out of the city…. but I’m excited for the time I’ll get to spend enjoying all the special corners that were made with a lil help from some of my favorite creatives (tap!) who embraced my ideas and didn’t call me crazy. ++ my mamma:) who is the greatest homemaking-sounding-board I could ask for (she called me crazy when required) grateful to and for all. Special thanks to Gordon Kahn!”

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