Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik Split: They Reportedly Had A “Toxic” Relationship

“Zayn has a complicated personality.”

Gigi Hadi and Zayn Malik’s split after his altercation with her mother left fans shocked after their six years of relationship and having a child. Now new details have emerged about their supposedly “toxic” relationship.

According to People, a friend of Zayn’s said, “it was a super toxic relationship.” But the source later claimed that while the couple’s relationship is on the rocks, they’re working on co-parenting their one-year-old daughter Khai.

“Zayn’s an amazing dad, and Gigi has said so. They are not fighting,” the source told People. “They are actively and amicably working to find the best way to co-parent now. Yolanda is inserting herself into a situation that does not involve her,” the source continued.

On the other hand, a family friend of Gigi reportedly told People, “Zayn has a complicated personality. It’s been hard at times for Gigi to live with him. They are both good parents, though. They co-parent.” 

Speaking about Yolanda’s involvement with the couple, the family friend continued, “Yolanda is, of course, very protective of Gigi. She wants the best for her daughter and grandchild. She has had some issues with Zayn. She thinks he could treat Gigi better. This is creating conflicts between Yolanda and Zayn.”

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s breakup comes shortly after TMZ published allegations that Gigi’s mom Yolanda claimed Zayn “struck” her.

However, Zayn Malik has pleaded no contest to charges that he harassed his girlfriend — supermodel Gigi Hadid — and her reality TV star mother during a violent Sept. 29 argument at the family’s home outside Philadelphia.

The former One Direction singer was accused of grabbing Yolanda Hadid and shoving her against a dresser, according to court documents. Malik engaged in “continuous cursing” at Yolanda Hadid, the documents said, calling her an “f——— Dutch slut” and telling her to stay away from his daughter.

Malik entered a plea to four summary counts of harassment on Wednesday, which means he refused to admit guilty but accepted the punishment.

A judge sentenced Zayn Malik to 90 days of probation on each count, or nearly a year total. He must complete an anger management class, and be screened for and “if approved,” complete a domestic violence program. In addition, he was also ordered to have no contact with Yolanda Hadid. Probation could be lifted in six months if Malik satisfies the conditions, according to documents.

Amid the tension between Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid, and Yolanda Hadid, family members speak for their respective sides.

Gigi’s dad, Mohamed Hadid, has broken his silence amid the dispute between his ex-wife, whom he was married to for four years, and Zayn.

Taking to Instagram, Mohamed shared a series of snaps of Gigi, as well as some father and daughter shots. “Simply love you my daughter and I am so proud of you ..Babba of @gigihadid and Jido of Khai,” he wrote in the caption.

Meanwhile, Zayn Malik’s sisters, Waliyha Malik and Safaa Malik, have been sharing posts supporting their brother.

Taking to Instagram Stories, Waliyha and Safaa shared posts on marriage, family, karma, and respecting women, among others, after Zayn was accused of being involved in a violent argument.

On Instagram, a part of a post shared by Waliyha read, “The storm will pass. No matter how far you may seem from happiness and peace it will always come in the end, better days are closer than you think.”

Waliyha also shared an excerpt from Zayn’s memoir, Zayn: The Official Autobiography: “I was always brought up to respect women, both my parents instilled that in me. And in my experience women have been the most intelligent, peaceful and positive influences in my life.” She added ‘Zayn’ and red heart emojis at the end of the post.

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