Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Marielle Hadid & Alana Hadid: 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Hadid Sisters

Oh, you thought there were just two of them?

Oh, you thought there were just two of them? Nope! Bella, Gigi, Alana, and Marielle Hadid are all sisters who have taken over the internet with their supreme fashion sense and amazing modeling gigs. While we are sure you have seen them show-stopping shows and participating in brand campaigns, let us take you through some unknown facts about their life:  

#1: It’s a modern family situation! 

Yes, the four sisters don’t live in a normative family model. Gigi and Bella are real sisters whereas Alana & Marielle Hadid are their stepsisters.  They all share a common father, Mohamed Hadid but Alana and Marielle were born of his first wife, Mary Butler. But the best part about all this is that there is barely any sibling rivalry between the four sisters. 

#2: Gigi and Bella had different names initially! 

Both the sisters have become the biggest names of the Internet but here’s a fun fact, those aren’t their actual names. Gigi’s original name was Jelena Noura Hadid and Bella was initially called Isabella Khair Hadid. They both changed their names in their early 20s. 

#3: Hadid sisters & their sense of empathy: Level 100! 

The four sisters are a lot of fashion and parties but they are so much more than just that! Since their father is a Syrian refugee, they have all grown up listening to his traumatic experiences. Therefore, the girls have developed a soft corner for the people on the margins and are seen participating in a lot of social sector activities. For instance, Gigi works with UNICEF for development in Bangladesh. 

#4: Marielle Hadid is all set to launch a brand! 

So, you know how after a point every big name in the fashion industry usually ends up launching a makeup and skincare line of their own? The eldest sister of the Hadid clan, Marielle is soon going to launch ‘Hadid Eyewear.’ Even though she hasn’t received as much limelight as Bella and Gigi Hadid, stalking her Instagram profile would reveal that she is quite funny and charming! 

#5: Hadid Sisters’ net worth: Higher than the skyscrapers!

We have saved the best fact for the last! The fashion world pays well and we can clearly see that when we hear reports about the sisters’ net worth. Insider reported that the sisters have a net worth that crosses 56 million dollars combined. WOAH, right!? 

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Cover Image Source: Twitter

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