Gigi Hadid Comes To The Rescue Of On-Again-Off-Again Beau Zayn Malik

Jake Paul shouldn’t have messed with Gigi’s boyfriend!

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are back together and seem to be better than ever as well. In a recent twitter bash, the supermodel schooled YouTuber Jake Paul, when he, for no apparent reason, called out the Ex-One Direction star. 

Jake Paul shouldn’t have messed with Gigi’s boyfriend.

Firstly, who is Jake Paul? Jake Paul is an American YouTuber, actor, and musician. He is known for playing the role of Dirk Mann on the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark. If you didn’t know, now you’ll definitely know about him. All because of Gigi Hadid. People do quite a few things for publicity. But they often forget that not all celebrities blatantly ignore their wishful hate comments.

And Jake Paul will now never forget what happens if you mess with someone you’re not supposed to mess with. 

It all started with a “dissing” tweet

Jake Paul tweeted accusing Zayn Malik as not being ‘nice’ to the YouTube star and showing him attitude. “Almost had to clap up Zane from 1 direction because he is a little guy and has an attitude and basically told me to f—-off for no reason when I was being nice to him,” Paul went on, “Zane [if] you’re reading this… stop being angry cause u came home alone to ur big ass hotel room hahaha,” 

And she came swinging right back

Gigi Hadid replied with a hard-hitting reality check for Jake Paul, putting him right back in his place. We won’t even meddle with it, here’s the tweet for you to enjoy! 

This comment by one of Gigi’s fans explains what we all felt reading that!

And Zayn would’ve definitely reacted like this. (Awwww!) 

When the queen snaps, your world comes crumbling down bro!

Jake Paul has since then come to his senses. He has deleted the tweet dissing Zayn Malik.And the following tweet was as apologetic as his big ego allowed. Next time, beware Jakey boy. 

So, it is clear from this altercation that the ex-Victoria’s secret model and the Pillow talk singer are going stronger than ever. And the on-again-off-again game has worked in their favour, bringing them closer to each other.  Although the chances of these relationships working out, in the long run, seem bleak, we believe in Gigi and Zayn; they might just make it. 

Anyway, for the time being, Gigi and Zayn are setting couple goals and thus the fandom is in a happy place. Let’s hope it stays that way! 

Cover Image Source: Instagram

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