Gigi Hadid Halloween Update: Here’s What She, Zayn Malik, and Baby Zigi Dressed Up As

Trick or treat? Nah, this Halloween, it is only treat treat treat for Gigi Hadid!

Gigi Hadid’s Halloween is extra special this year, for this is the first time that she’s celebrating it with her newborn daughter. We got a glimpse of her jaw-dropping post-partum body a few days back and now we’ve finally got a family picture!

Here’s what Gigi Hadid’s Halloween 2020 looked like:

In a series of Instagram stories, Gigi Hadid gave us a sneak peek into her Halloween affair. Not only did she doll herself up, but the entire family seems to have got a whiff of this cheer.

Zayn Malik, an eternal Harry Potter fanboy, dressed up as a Slytherin wizard. The classic spectacles along with the green and black rob were symbolic of the magic of Hogwarts. Baby Zigi, on the other hand, was dressed in an all-green avatar. Yes, you guessed it right, she’s dressed as Hulk!

Although Gigi Hadid’s Halloween family picture did not reveal the face of this beautiful baby, it got the internet excited nonetheless. An up and close look reveals that baby Zigi has blonde hair, much like her supermodel mom.

What did Gigi Hadid dress up as this Halloween?

Coming to the young mother of this adorable bundle of joy, Gigi Hadid left no stones unturned to stun the world with how fit and flawless she is. Her Halloween avatar was inspired by a video game called ‘Valorant.’ She took up a blue costume from the same game as her costume for the year. To complete her game look, she tied a high pony and did a sharp vibe make up.

How are parents Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik keeping up with this phase of life?

Becoming parents can change a lot of dynamics within a relationship. We’ve always known them as the adorable and chirpy couple who were madly in love with each other. Commenting on their relationship after the birth of a daughter, an insider said, “Zayn and Gigi’s relationship is better than ever — their communication, the time they spend together. They’ve never looked happier.”

Cover Image Source: Instagram

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