Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik Are ‘Rebuilding Their Relationship’ After Yolanda Episode

Yolanda Hadid has a fun day out with Gigi and Zayn’s daughter, Khai.

Staying apart seems to be solving Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s problems following their October 2021 breakup. Tension between the couple began after Zyan’s altercation with Gigi’s mother, Yolanda. 

Yolanda Hadid allegedly “barged” into Zayn Malik and ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s farmhouse in Pennsylvania, sparking a violent altercation. The duo got into an argument after the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum came to visit her granddaughter Khai, one, “without calling beforehand or even knocking at the door.” The incident happened while Gigi Hadid was away for Fashion Week.

As a result, the couple parted ways but both sides have continually maintained to keep the best interest of their daughter.  

“As you know, I am a private person, and I very much want to create a safe and private space for my daughter to grow up. A place where private family matters aren’t thrown on the world stage for all to poke and pick apart,” the “Pillowtalk” singer wrote in a tweet following the news of the incident and his plea. 

“Despite my efforts to restore us to a peaceful family environment that will allow for me to co-parent my daughter in a manner she deserves, this has been ‘leaked’ to the Press. I am hopeful, though, for healing for all involved with the harsh words shared and, more importantly, I remain vigilant to protect Khai and give her the privacy she deserves,” Zayn continued.

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Months after the episode, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are now focused on having a “healthy” relationship for their daughter, Khai, according to an In Touch source. 

“Zayn and Gigi are rebuilding their relationship to be healthy co-parents to Khai. They’ve been spending time together away from prying eyes. They’ll go for walks or have lunch in Pennsylvania. Just simple things, really,” the insider explains.

Meanwhile, Yolanda Hadid had a fun day out with Gigi and Zayn’s daughter, Khai, out shopping in New York City. 

The grandma-granddaughter duo was joined by Yolanda’s longtime boyfriend, Joseph Jingoli. The couple gave Gigi Hadid some “me” time. As Yolanda took Khai with her, Gigi stuck her head out to say goodbye to her daughter.

Dressed to fight the cold weather, Khai wore leather pants, combat boots, and a midnight blue furry coat with Paris written on it.

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