Gossip Girl Here – Its Penn Badgley’s Birthday Today – ‘XOXO, You Know You Love Him!’

Happy Birthday! XOXO

Its actor and musician Penn Badgley’s birthday today and we want to wish him the happiest of birthdays. While we may know him as the brainy, suave and good-looking ‘Dan Humphrey’ (hubba hubba) from one of the most interesting drama series ‘Gossip Girl’, the actor has been in the film industry since he was 11! As he turns 33 today (and doesn’t look a day over 25), we would like you to walk with us through the memory lanes left by him, and have an inside look at what he’s up to now! 

Filmdom for a teenage Penn Badgley

The actor who was born in Baltimore, Maryland spent his childhood days developing his love for theatre. He went on to pursue a career in acting since the age of 11 and immediately made his first breakthrough with the television series ‘Will & Grace’. He then went on to star in several shows and movies, and even bagged a ‘Young Artist award’ for his performance in ‘The young and the Restless’. His most memorable teenage role was in ‘John Tucker Must Die’ though, where he played the adorable Scott Tucker and left teenage girls everywhere going gaga over him. 

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Still swooning over Dan Humphrey? 

Penn Badgley’s most memorable character will always be Dan Humphrey – the guy that gave us major ‘couple goal’ moments with co-star Blake Lively, who played Serena on the show. Dan was everything we ever wanted in a guy – sensitive, smart and suave. (And sneaky!) Remember when he left us shook with the grand finale that unveiled who was Gossip Girl all along? (Still trying to process the shock.) After multiple movie and television roles, Penn decided to join the band ‘MOTHXR’ as a vocalist and went on to release songs that instantly became a hit with his fans. 

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How he found true love with wife Domino Kirke 

You may not know this, but Penn Badgley and co-star Blake Lively dated for almost 3 years, but sadly had to break up due to personal reasons. They’re still friends though and Penn later on went on to find the love of his life, singer and songwriter Domino Kirke. The two have been together since 2014 and tied the knot in 2017 at Brooklyn in the presence of their close friends and family. Take a look at the photo below and see how smitten the two are by each other! 

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Birthdays, Halloween and Penn – A love triangle no one minds 

Penn Badgley’s birthday is interestingly timed on the same night as Halloween ends, but this doesn’t stop the actor from celebrating his birthday and the spooky holiday – together and in style! We mean, we still remember a photo of him taken during the season finale of Gossip girl, celebrating his birthday in a crazy costume. Since then, the actor has been maintaining a low profile personally and celebrates his birthdays with people close to him. (We’re glad he is not hounded by the paparazzi) He continues to maintain an open front with his professional life though, as we continue to see him dazzling with versatile roles on the silver screen. 

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While we don’t know Penn Badgley’s plans for this year’s birthday, we can only hope he is having a kickass time! Wish the actor ‘Happy birthday’ in the comments and let us know what you love about him. 

Oh, and XOXO. You know you love us.

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