Halle Berry Is Ecstatic About Boyfriend Van Hunt’s ‘Amazing Article’ On Her

Van Hunt wants fans to see the real Halle Berry.

Halle Berry is thanking boyfriend Van Hunt for writing a touching op-ed about her as her film Bruised makes its Netflix debut.

On Twitter, the Oscar winner posted a selfie with the musician, as well as a link to Van Hunt’s essay titled “Feet to the Fire, the article I wish someone would write about Halle Berry” on her website re-spin.

On Wednesday, Berry, 55, tweeted, “When your man writes the MOST amazing article about you on such a special day @vanhunt.”

In the essay, Hunt, 51, praised Berry and wrote, “Halle lets nothing hold her back and directs the rhythm in the direction she desires. She understands that magic is created, and she was not created to wait for it to occur. It could be interpreted as “controlling,” but a more obvious explanation is that this man’s world has made this woman acutely aware that survival is something to be secured rather than hoped for.”

“No one ever discusses this tenacity when describing her,” he wrote. “They speak of beauty and favorite movies, but never of heart. it is nigh impossible to peer inside Halle without noticing her heart; and the principles that make it thump.”


Van Hunt wrote that he met Halle Berry while she was working on her new Netflix project, Bruised, and that he knew “very little” about it other than “what everyone else on social media knew: it was a fight film called¬†Bruised, and she had been injured in the making of it.”

“She and i dipped into our first conversations by getting right to lovers’ work, sniffing out commonalities and red flags like two hounds,” he wrote. “I eventually came to learn that Bruised was the result of a fixation with mixed martial arts, or MMA. for a previous film, training in Judo was required. getting a handle on the discipline’s form, and martial arts culture in general, proved an attractive challenge.”

Berry plays Jackie Justice in Bruised, a disgraced MMA fighter who finds forgiveness when her kid reappears unexpectedly in her life.

“Jackie Justice is Halle’s triumph but it is also my mother’s who in my adulthood has emerged victorious over my fears as a child that some unknown fury hovered over our home, challenging my nascent manliness to hold steady in the darkness,” Hunt wrote. “Bruised showed me how ignorant i was of my mother’s power. without need of a single flex of my budding muscles, she protected our home from being overtaken by unspoken evils. i was allowed to blossom.”

Hunt noted at the end of his essay that Bruised was “a triple-headed feat that must certainly be the rarest of troikas.”

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