Halle Berry Shows Off Her Perfect Summer Body & Raises The Heat; Photos Inside

A unique workout

Halle Berry has been flaunting her perfect summer beach body via her Instagram posts. They say that the summer of 2020 has been canceled thanks to Coronavirus but hey, Berry clearly listens to none. Here’s what she has been up to lately! 

Halle Berry hits the beach with a ripped back look! 

In her recent Instagram post, Halle Berry is standing tall while facing the beach with a backless one-piece swimsuit making fans drool over her fitness and dedication. Her obsession with staying fit and toned is not new. In fact, she is pretty open about how much she plans these things and enjoys executing them like a boss. 

Commenting on her back workouts, she said, “Though I’ve always given my back workout love, I really started to lean into strengthening it a few years ago. I was training to film John Wick 3 and then my upcoming movie, Bruised, and I needed to look and perform like a fighter. So, my trainer Peter and I started dedicating two workouts per week to my back—and it made a massive difference in getting it to look really ripped. I rely on my resistance loop even more now, since it’s so easy to use at home. Sometimes, to spice things up, Peter will have me switch up my grip on my resistance loop rows so that instead of rowing with my palm facing in, I’ll do the move with my palm facing up or down. Though it doesn’t seem like much of a change, you really feel the difference after a few sets. ” We’ve really got to give it to Halle Berry here; the woman is 53 but is making age look like just another number for real! 

Halle Berry raises the oomph factor in her unique workout video 

Quarantine has certainly spiked the number of cardio, yoga, or pilates videos we see on our feeds, right? But Halle Berry takes it a notch higher and inspires us to get up and work with a calming yet stimulating skateboarding video. She is wearing a casual cut off Tshirt with super hot bikini shorts. Being a workout beast, she revealed the mantra of her consistency: trying out something new. Check out her post right here: 

What’s your go-to workout routine? 

Cover Image Source: Instagram

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