Happy And Candid! Here’s What Gigi Hadid’s Pregnancy Cravings Are!


The soon-to-be mother, Gigi Hadid recently took to the twitter and revealed her pregnancy cravings in front of the world and we would sum it up in just one word: Adorable!

The twitter thread sums up every expecting mom’s feeling in an adorably funny way and is in fact hilarious for the fans who got to know about Gigi Hadid’s pregnancy cravings through such a candid revelation.

The 25 Year-old wrote: “Pregnancy is real when u order nationally shipped @sprinkles to be delivered to yourself.”

She then continued asking about the shelf life of the seemingly ‘very important’ cupcakes from Sprinkles saying: “@sprinkles do I have to defrost the whole box right when I get it or can I defrost them one by one to make them last longer?” Well… seems like Gigi isn’t able to resist those mini delights and to be honest we kinda agree because no one can!

The tweet about Gigi Hadid’s pregnancy cravings had loads of replies and the netizens could not help but melt before all this cuteness of the soon-to-be mother.

When one of Hadid’s fan asked her what other cravings she is having apart from those delicious cupcakes from Sprinkles, Gigi Hadid revealed another one of her favourite during pregnancy: “Supreme triple chunk brownies & make-your-own ranch mix dip w carrots …… lol,” she wrote.

One of America’s favourite models and the muse of a plethora of premium brands like Prada and Chanel, Gigi Hadid’s pregnancy was first confirmed by the star herself during one of her interviews with Jimmy Fallon.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon host congratulated the model saying “I got to say, congratulations on expecting a baby. This is the best news ever!”

To this Hadid replied: “Thank you so much. Obviously, we wish we could have announced it on our own terms but we’re very excited and happy and grateful for everyone’s well wishes and support,”

Gigi Hadid’s pregnancy photoshoot, pictures of which were recently unveiled by the model herself on her Instagram, left fans in complete awe.

When a fan asked her what it was like to do a maternity photoshoot, Hadid revealed her excitement and joy through this tweet.

Gigi Hadid’s pregnancy has fans, including us, all excited and eager! Wanna know more about the supermodel’s journey as a to-be mother? We have got you covered! Keep checking this space for more

Cover Image Source : Twitter

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