Here Is How Hollywood Celebrities Are Having A Meltdown Due To The Coronavirus Scare

Ditching fashion for safety

Nobody is silent because this isn’t the time to stay silent either. Coronavirus outbreak has become the talk of the hour and celebrities from across the globe have joined forces in battling it. Here is how Hollywood has been reacting to the scare: 

Naomi Campbell ditches fashion for safety 

Well, you know it’s a serious thing when top models decide to opt for outfits and precautions that might go against their fashion sense. Naomi Campbell was recently spotted at the Los Angeles airport in a never seen before avatar. She was wearing a suit, goggles and a mask to prevent herself from the contagious life-threatening virus.  

Katy Perry performs for a cause while keeping the Coronavirus advisory in effect 

While events and offline gatherings across the world are getting canceled, Katy Perry’s concert in Australia happened as planned. Some people appreciated the star for being courageous while some mocked her for not being more responsible and canceling it in the public interest. She took to her Instagram and posted a photoshopped skyrocket image reading WASH to remind people that precaution is always better than cure. 

Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez: Leading by an example 

We love it when we see celebrities carrying out conscious and responsible behavior instead of being reckless, isn’t it? Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid have been papped wearing masks at almost all their public appearances sending out the coronavirus advisory message loud and clear. 

Justin Bieber pleads the public to donate and stand by China  

Amidst all the news of people getting affected by coronavirus, we also had heartbreaking news of Asians being harassed and bullied for it. Additionally, China is suffering terribly due to this outbreak. Pop singer Justin Bieber sensitized his fans about their plight and pledged to support China get back up on their feet. 

The Kardashian using their position of influence to educate & raise awareness 

The family has been seen engrossed in taking precautions and sharing tips and advisories via their social media handles. Recently, Kim Kadarshian made a post sharing snippets from a prediction from 2008 about the virus that now seems like reality.  

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