Here’s How Demi Lovato And Ariana Grande’s Collab On ‘Met Him Last Night’ Happened

Lovato has opened up about the songs on her new album

Demi Lovato has revealed how her recent collab with Ariana Grande came to be.

Lovato’s new album Dancing With the Devil… The Art of Starting Over dropped Thursday night and the singer celebrated its release with a premiere party on YouTube’s Released.

During the special, Lovato opened up about her album, which serves as a supplement to her recent documentary. She also revealed just how she and Ariana Grande, whom she calls a “really good friend”, came to collaborate on Met Him Last Night.

“I played her ‘Dancing With the Devil’ and she was really, really excited about that and she came up with this concept,” Lovato shared. “When she played it for me, I was like ‘Oh my gosh, yes, absolutely! I would love to do this.'”

“I was so excited to get to work with her and we had so much fun singing together,” the Skyscraper hitmaker added.

“This song was best representative of a period of my life that… I talk about in my documentary, which is kind of the downfalls of recovery,” she said. “Which is that sometimes you slip up, which is what this song is about.”

Besides Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande’s collab, here’s the backstory of other tracks on the album

Dancing With the Devil… The Art of Starting Over features 19 tracks including Anyone, Lonely People, ICU (Madison’s Lullabye) and Met Him Last Night.

On Released, Lovato admitted that ICU was “really difficult to sing and write” for her.

“I wrote it for my little sister, Madison. We didn’t know how bad my brain damage would be [after the overdose],” she shared. “When I woke up in the hospital, I couldn’t see her, and that’s what this song is about: not being able to see her. But, at the same time, I use the lyrics, ‘I was blind, but now I see, and I see you.’ I’m talking about, no matter what, always being able to see my little sister.”

“I actually played it for her in the car after she graduated high school,” she continued. “I was like, ‘Hey, I have a little present for you.’ We both were just sobbing the whole time because that moment was really emotional for the both of us.”

Lovato concluded her YouTube special with a live performance of ICU. “I love you, Madison!” she said towards the end of the performance.

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