Hollywood Stars Come Together For Ukraine, Here’s What They Have To Say

Actor Sean Penn, who is in Ukraine at the moment is working on a documentary on Russian aggression in the country.

Hollywood stars have come together to condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine. After Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a military operation, thousands of lives have been lost in the war. Responding to the grim situation, Hollywood celebrities like Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Mark Ruffalo, Cardi B, Miley Cyrus, Jared Leto, Priyanka Chopra, and many more have taken to social media platforms to speak out against the military action and stand in support for the civilians who have been affected by the attack.

From offering prayers to vehemently condemning the attack read on to know the most active responses from celebrities world over.

Oscar-winner Jared Leto sent his love to his ‘friends and family in Ukraine’. Sharing a photo, he wrote, “My heart breaks that this conflict has escalated in such a devastating way. Please take great care and be as safe as you can. Sending thoughts to you and your loved ones during this chaotic and disruptive time. I’m hopeful that peace will prevail and nonviolent solutions will ultimately be found.”

Angelina Jolie took to her handle to share her statement that read, “Like many of you, I’m praying for the people in Ukraine. My focus along with my @refugees colleagues is that everything possible is done to ensure the protection and basic human rights of those displaced, and refugees in the region. We have already seen reports of casualties and people starting to flee their homes to seek safety. It is too soon to know what will happen, but the significance of this moment – for the people of Ukraine, and for the international rule of law – cannot be overstated.”

Hollywood rapper Cardi B tried to put the Ukraine situation in perspective in a tweet writing: “Wish these world leaders [would] stop tripping about power and really think about who’s really getting affected (citizens) besides the whole world is in a crisis. War, sanctions, invasions should be the last thing these leaders should worry about,” the rapper tweeted.

Miley Cyrus reminisced her time in Ukraine while shooting for ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’. In her Tweet, she wrote, “I am standing in solidarity with everyone in Ukraine who is affected by this attack and with our global community who is calling for an immediate end to this violence.”

Priyanka Chopra also shared a post that read, “The situation unfolding in Ukraine is terrifying. Innocent people living in fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones, while trying to navigate the uncertainty of the immediate future. It’s difficult to comprehend how in the modern world this could escalate to such a catastrophic point, but this is a consequential moment that will reverberate around the world. There are innocent lives living in this war zone. They are just like you and me. Here is more info at the link in my bio about how to assist the people of Ukraine.”

Mark Ruffalo, star of the Hollywood ‘Avengers’ franchise, prayed for innocent people of Ukraine and Russia who were caught in violence and destruction. On Instagram, Ruffalo wrote, “Sending love and good prayers to all innocent people of Ukraine and Russia and Europe who are caught up in this sad and corrosive moment of asymmetrical violence and destruction, especially the young people. You have done nothing to deserve this perversion and obscene spectacle.”

The biggest response comes from Hollywood Filmmaker and actor Sean Penn, who is in Ukraine at the moment working on a documentary on Russian aggression in the country.

Zelenskyy’s office shared on Facebook, “Sean Penn demonstrates the courage that many others, especially western politicians lack. The director specially came to Kiev to record all the events that are currently happening in Ukraine and to tell the world the truth about Russia’s invasion of our country.”

John Cena, who is currently best known for playing the role of DC supervillain/anti-hero Peacemaker in the HBO Max series, tweeted, “If I could somehow summon the powers of a real life #Peacemaker I think this would be a great time to do so.”

Penelope Cruz expressed concern for Ukrainian children by sharing a UNICEF post on her Instagram stories. She wrote, “More than nothing else, what the children of Ukraine need now is peace.”

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