How Chris Pratt And Katherine Schwarzenegger Spend Quarantine Life With Baby Lyla

“every day Lyla brings a smile to their face.”

After Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger gave birth to newborn daughter Lyla Maria in August, the couple has been living a smooth sailing life without the stress of parenting.

Chris and Katherine have become habitual with a ‘good routine’ according to Entertainment Tonight’s source. the source informed that “Katherine, Chris and Lyla have settled in and have a good routine down. Both Chris and Katherine are busy with work but always make Lyla their priority,” the source stated. “Chris and Katherine have been overwhelmed with love and support from their family and friends. They are happier than ever and love how every day Lyla brings a smile to their face.”

Nearly two months old Lyla Maria Schwarzenegger Pratt is Katherine Schwarzenegger’s first child, while her 41-year-old husband Chris Pratt is also a father to his 8-year-old son Jack which he had with his ex-wife Anna Faris. has also reported that the 30-year-old mother Katherine is in a ‘new mommy bliss mode’ and that “She took the first month off from most of her work and loved being able to do that. She just reached the six-week mark and is looking forward to getting out and doing more,” shared the insider. “She has been very cautious with COVID and the air quality in LA so has been staying in.”

“They are both home and with the baby at almost all times,” said the source. “They have had some family visit for short periods of time but mostly have just been getting adjusted to their new little baby.”

while another source informed People about Katherine’s excitement on becoming a parent in August, stating that “And Kat has the best attitude,” the insider adds. “She is obviously still tired, but she loves being a mom. She is so positive and excited about the whole experience. She loves seeing Chris with their girl. He is such a good dad. This was one of the things Kat was attracted to from the beginning. Chris loves being a dad. Kat feels very lucky that Lyla gets to grow up with Chris as a dad.”

The source also told that Chris being a veteran parent has eased the tension in the house which has been a great help to his wife. “It’s comforting for Kat that he is already a dad and understands how it is to have a newborn.”

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger announced and shared a glimpse baby Lyla on 10th August, where the couple were holding her tiny hand.

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