How The Never Have I Ever Actress Richa Moorjani Made Her Way To The Top Of Netflix’s Celebrities

Richa Moorjani is an accidental actress?

Netflix’s new show Never Have I Ever has got Indians screaming with excitement about how refreshing and amazing the plot is. The cherry on the cake is the phenomenal acting by the leads, especially Richa Moorjani aka Kamala. Even though she has been around in the industry for a while, this is the first time she got her big break!  

Richa Moorjani is an accidental actress? 

There are a lot of people who begin with one type of performing art and then switch to another. Richa Moorjani too was originally a dancer who did really well from her school days. But in college, she tried her hands at theatre and was selected for a performance at the Edinburg Fringe Festival. After wrapping up her college degree, she packed her bags and flew to the city of dreams to work on her acting and didn’t hesitate from going to multiple auditions. In fact, she has also spent a few months in Mumbai, India to try out her luck in Bollywood. 

Before Never Have I ever, where all has Richa Moorjani been featured?

Apart from Never Have I Ever, Richa Moorjani has been a part of this mainstream TV Series called ‘The Mindy Project’ as well.  She played a small role as a character named Geeta. This was the first time she had teamed up with Mindy Kailing for a project.  Fox’s upper hit show 9-1-1 has been running for a long time now. In one of the recent episodes, Richa Moorjani had made an appearance.  

The latest feather in her cap has been her character in Netflix’s Never Have I Ever. Richa Moorjani plays the role of an Indian bride to be who is trying to overturn patriarchy and is unlearning stereotypes and notions every day. Her character is a beautiful and independent one who constantly struggles to speak her mind but ultimately comes out winning. Richa Moorjani, although not the protagonist, manages to grab quite a big space of limelight on the show thanks to her splendid character representation and of course, her wonderful sunshine like face! 

A Sneak Peek into her love life! 

Sorry boys, the beautiful Richa Moorjani is taken. She got married to her long time boyfriend Rishi Moorjani last year in a grand big fat Indian wedding style. Their couple pictures are all over her Instagram! 

Cover Image Source: Instagram

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