Idris Elba Offered Sabrina To ‘Leave’ If She Couldn’t Bear His ‘Anger Tantrums’

The star had ‘massive anger tantrums’!

During early days of dating, Idris Elba used to tell his wife, Sabrina Elba, to ‘leave’ if she didn’t like his anger issues.

In a recent episode of a podcast, Coupledom, Elba divulged one of the major issues his wife dealt with during their early dating.

Idrissa Akuna Elba, commonly known as Idris Elba, is a reputed actor known for his handsome look and the role of Nelson Mandela in the biopic, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013), and DCI John Luther in an HBO One series, Luther. Idris has also won Primetime Emmy Awards and has been nominated 10 times for Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Miniseries or Television Film. Apart from being an actor, he is also a writer, producer, rapper, singer, songwriter, and DJ.

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In 2017, at Vancouver, when Idris was shooting for his film, A Mountain between Us, he and Sabrina met for the first time. And within the next two years (April 2019), the couple were married.

Despite being successful in life, Idris Elba faced issues like stress and ‘Anger Tantrums’. In his podcast, Coupledom, Idris Elba divulged how he and his wife, Sabrina Elba, dealt with Elba’s stress and temper issues during the early days of dating.

“Sabrina and I, very early in our relationship, I was very stressed so I had these massive anger tantrums that were like explosions,” Idris said on the podcast.

“She(Sabrina) was like (in reaction to Idris’ angry explosion), Who are you?” He continued.

The handsome hunk also told his wife to leave the relationship and move on, as the anger issues were not dwindling.

“I was always the first to say, ‘Hey, if you’re not happy, leave. Move.’ It was kind of like a male instinct,” said Elba.

Acknowledging wife’s temperament, Idris Elba also said, “Sabrina and I both have strong personalities and typically it’s Sabrina who says, ‘Look, I don’t want to fight.’”.

Now, Elba’s anger issues are getting better and he gave the credit for this to his wife Sabrina.

“I’ve been getting better at it recently but when I do it, I get nothing back. When she does it, I go, ‘Thank you,’” said Elba, thanking her wife.

Discussing his current relationship with Idris Elba, wife Sabrina said, “We’re newly business partners, but we’re also newlyweds. Idris is my best friend. I want to be around this guy every day of my life, so it’s really great to be able to see what that morphs into.”

“I’d say we’re in a good place. It was a challenging year, but ultimately, when you look to the side and you’ve got someone that’s been there, ride or die, that’s really comforting,” Idris ended the subject matter.

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