Is Chris Evans Returning As Captain America After Announcing Retirement?

Will Captain lead the Avengers again?

After announcing his retirement from the Marvel Cinematic Universe Chris Evans is planning to hold the shield again as Captain America. The sources from Deadline report that Chris Evans is expected to reprise his role as Captain America in the MCU in the coming phase. Although it is not yet confirmed in which movie or series will Chris be seen but we hope that Phase 4 will surely bring a smile to the Captain fans.

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Chris Evans Captain America character to make a cameo?

The source claimed that this will probably not be a new movie for the fans but he will reprise his role in cameos in the MCU films. It is sure that he will appear in one of the Marvel movies. He may follow the path of Robert Downey Jr. to not make a new franchise but still be a part of the fandom by appearing in several other movies that follow the Marvel Studios timeline.

“It’s still vague whether the deal is closed,” but insiders say “it’s headed in that direction for Evans to return as Steve Rogers aka Captain America in at least one Marvel property, with the door open for a second film. “

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Marvel hasn’t given any confirmation yet about Chris Evans’ Captain America role. But fans are seemingly excited about this news and are already anticipating for the Avengers leaders to come back. Captain America had given his shield to Falcon played by Anthony Mackie at the end of Avengers: Endgame thus announcing his retirement as Captain America.

We feel that with the upcoming series What If…? which is a Captain America spinoff, where Peggy and others are in an Alternate Universe, where Captain America is absent, can be a promising series to make a comeback. Although there hasn’t been any official confirmation yet.

Chris Evans responds to returning to MCU

The actor also took the internet by storm by tweeting “News to me” on Thursday which fans speculated as his reaction to the news of his return to the MCU on behalf of the Deadline report. This led to a plethora of pictures and tweets from fans. While some of them were shocked by the denied response from the actor others still held the hope of him coming back as Cap. For the coming time, no one knows what Chris Evans has in mind but we all are hoping to see a fantastic outcome of this news.

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