Is James Charles’ Bald Look Real Or Fake? Fans Are In Shock!

Twitter explodes with opinions on the new look!

Well, whatever James Charles does it starts to trend and this time the social media star has decided to go bald. Well, fans are still skeptical about James Charles’ bald look but let’s find out about this new look that he is carrying

James Charles’ Bald Look

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James Charles’ bald look was debuted when the star went out for dinner at Boa Steakhouse in Los Angeles on Thursday night, February 11. He was seen chatting with videographer Kevin Wrong during the dinner. He was carrying an overall black look with a turtle neck and jacket. He wore a silver neck chain and lock-key earrings to complete the outfit. As usual, James’ makeup was on point.

Before James Charles’ bald look got unrevealed the influencer teased his 26.8 million fans on Instagram with a selfie of his covered locks and wrote, “Wait until you guys see what I did with my hair.”

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In a video circulating online James Charles is seen coming out of a car while answering the reps. When he was asked about his hairdo he told, “Just trying something new,” and said that he shaved his head and that this is his “new look”. He also told the reps that it was “real” and he shaved his cause he “had to film” himself.

“Of course. Had to film. I had to film the entire thing”

Twitter Talks on James Charles’ Bald Look

Although James Charles’ bald look did create quite a fuss on the internet as the fans didn’t believe that he actually shaved his head off. Some of the fans assumed that the YouTuber has worn a bald cap.

One fan tweeted that the 23-year-old looked like Jeff Bezos in his new look. Other wrote, “why is james charles bald is that a bald cap why is he at a restaurant in the middle of a pandemic i have so many questions rn”. Another wrote, “Beauty YouTuber James Charles hits the town hairless, sporting what appears to be a bald cap”…” This sentence is how I would have lost grandma a second time.”

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Well, we don’t know whether this is yet another stunt pulled by the social media star or he has really shaved his locks!!! Till then we can only wait for James to upload a vlog about his new hairdo.

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